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Searching for I am very sorry love letters ? Having a relationship is something very beautiful, but it is impossible not to have difficulties. Sometimes they occur because one of them has a different way of seeing things, or someone was wrong and caused harm to the other person.

If you’ve done something that has upset or hurt your partner then it is right that you apologize and try to fix things. Remember that you should try to regain the trust of your partner so things will be ok between you two.

If you want to reconcile with your love, then we suggest that you send an apology love letter. Following, you will find two models of letters to apologize to your loved one.

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Example 1 of a love letter to apologize to my love

From: Ernesto
To: Marilyn

Hi Marilyn:

I understand that you are really mad at me and you did not even want to talk about it, so I decided to send you this letter. I know I was wrong and I’ve caused a lot of pain, you never expected that from me and it is normal to feel disappointed of my behavior.

In these moments I’ve realized how much you mean to me and so, I want you to forgive me. Each time I remember you and think of you because you’re the best thing that happened to me and I love you so much.

I acted in a selfish and I do not considered the damage it was doing to our relationship.

I feel very sorry for the things I did and I would love to have your forgiveness. I know that you love me as I love you and this beautiful feeling should not end because of a mistake.

I give you my word that this time everything will be different. I love you with all my strength and I just live for you.

Example 2 of a love letter to apologize to my love

From: Pamela
To: Fabian

Dear Fabian:

I send this letter because I want to explain what happened. I want to start remembering how much love I feel for you. I should never have caused you this great suffering because you are the most important thing in my life. I will not lie because you have seen what I did.

My feelings were not clear at that time; I cheated because I felt that our relationship was not right. After that mistake, I realized that I love you, only you; every minute that passes I feel more anxiety because I love you and no longer want to be without you.

I understand your anger over what has happened, but I ask you to give me another opportunity because I want to come back to you.

Together we have had many difficulties that we have managed to overcome and I know we can fix this too because ours is a great love. I’ll do everything I can to recover your love, I want a chance and I swear you will not regret.

Fabian, sorry, my intention was never to make you suffer. I love you and I always will.

We hope these letters to apologize to your love will serve you as a model if you are in this difficult situation. True love can overcome everything. Good luck!

I'm sorry for hurting you messages
The best phrases to apologize
for being jealous

Some people think that having a couple means owning another person; unfortunately, they could not be more wrong. This situation is a problem for both sides of the relationship, because both live under misconceptions that make them act wrongly.

The first who experiences jealousy, cannot understand why things are not as he or she wants them to be and can be very suspicious regarding pretty much everything, so he or she is not happy.

In the case of the other one, he or she lives under constant surveillance, being a victim of mistrust and accusations from his or her partner. In short, there is no way to live happily like this.

We are not saying it is not normal to experience jealousy from time to time, especially if it is justified, but things have a limit and they must remain in balance so your thoughts do not become disproportionate and nobody gets hurt.

If you are a jealous person and you behaved or said things that have exceeded the limit mentioned before, then it is important to apologize, but also to think and to try to change these attitudes.

The second is entirely up to you, but regarding the first point, we bring you a series of examples of how to apologize for being so jealous.

download I'm sorry for hurting you text messages
Download best long texts to apologize for being jealous

:: “I took my time, but now I see how wrong I was. The fact that you are so precious does not mean you want to provoke others, but that you are like this and I am the luckiest man on earth for having you by my side.

I think that what is behind this is the panic that generates me the idea that you could leave me, to never to see you again.

I have never been so happy and this happiness I owe to you alone. I hope you can forgive me and realize that I am not a bad person, just a very insecure one”.
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:: “Over time, I began to look at my phone like a crazy person, because I imagine things that are not even happening when I do not have news from you.

I am fully aware of the irrationality of my thoughts, but precisely because they are irrational and I do not know how to manage them, is that I feel so jealous.

It gives me a lot of grief to have offended you with my comments that were totally out of place, I hope you know that everything I said was the result of rage and despair, not of what I really think. Please forgive me“.
Category :Apology Messages

:: “I see how my selfishness is hurting our relationship and I realize that it is something that does not let us move forward. Forgive me; I will change, because this jealousy brings nothing good to us“.
Category :Apology Messages

:: “Sometimes I wish we could leave far away, where no one knows us and we can be alone, away from anyone who might look at you.

I know it is impossible, that does not even make any sense, because it is my jealousy talking. I promise to strive for change because we cannot continue like this and my behavior is hurting you”.
Category :Apology Messages

The best forgiveness Whatsapp texs messages for boyfriends

:: “You have never done anything that generates distrust in me and so I know what I feel is not rational. I have been very unfair to you and therefore, I ask your forgiveness and I do not care if I have to get down on my knees to get it“.
Category :Forgive me love messages

:: “I have never loved anyone like I love you and that should be enough to be assured, because you chose me and because you demonstrate me every day how much you love me.

However, I see how my jealousy contaminates this relationship and I want to stop it. Forgive me, I will strive much more to be better“.
Category :Forgive me love messages

:: “I know that we have gone through some rough patches and that they were caused by my jealousy. I apologize and hope you know that I am sincere when I do so. I promise you that I will try to change, because I see that it cannot continue like this”.
Category :Forgive me love messages

:: “It is very clear to me that there is nothing left between you and your ex, but I do not understand why he has to keep calling you. I guess it is my issue, because you have assured me that you are just friends. So forgive me for my impertinence”.
Category :Forgive me love messages

We know that if you apologize using one of these phrases they will help you improve your relationship. Good luck!

I'm sorry for hurting you sayings for boyfriend

How to apologize
for an affair

Apologizing is not easy, because it involves two things. First, putting aside our pride and accepting that we were wrong and, on the other hand, accepting that there is a possibility of not being forgiven and thereby lose all hope of recovering what was lost.

It is the one mistake that just should not be committed because it involves betraying the trust of the person that you are supposed to love.

If you made this mistake and now you feel sorry for it, it is important that you let your girlfriend know the truth and how badly you feel for it.

Also, you have to assure her that the situation will not be repeated, making it clear that what you want more than anything in the world, is to be by her side.

To help you in this endeavor to get your girlfriend back, we have brought a series of phrases you may use to apologize with her for having committed an infidelity.

Remember that they will work best if you give them your personal touch and if you put on them your heartfelt feelings of regret.

the best forgiveness whatsapp texs messages for boyfriend
Download long phrases to apologize to your love for having cheated

:: “Above all, I hope you are well and know that never in my life have I felt such shame. I steeled to stand outside your door and beg you to listen to me, because I could not feel worse for the great mistake that I made.

I did not think about the consequences, moreover, I did not even think at all and now I feel it is something that I will be dragging for the rest of my life.

I am willing to kneel down here for hours if that is what you need to see how depressed I am feeling. You are the one for me; what happened was nothing more than a minor slip and no feelings were involved.

Please give me a chance to explain how things went, because I feel that what is in your mind is worse than the reality. I swear I will never become the cause of your pain again”.
Category :Romantic forgive me Whatsapp messages

:: “I think no one is dumber than I, that I have for sure. I had the most beautiful, intelligent, kind, hardworking, honest, sincere and tender of all woman, and I lost her for a night of thoughtless drinking, a night in which I did not considered the consequences of my actions.

I have broken the promise I once made to you, I admit it and I repent sincerely and I hope you know so. I swear I will not have a drink in my life, it is a promise that I am ready to sign with blood if you will excuse me.

If you give me a chance, I will show you every day that I can be different“.
Category :Romantic forgive me Whatsapp messages

:: “Honey, I’m sorry but I cannot call you otherwise, because to me that is what you are and will be forever, my sweetheart, the prettiest of all.

I think I cannot begin to describe the levels of regret that I have experienced the last few nights, endless hours in which I felt faint from not having you next to me. I do not know what to say, because I am responsible for my actions and so I am now suffering the consequences that I deserve.

They provoked me and I let myself be provoked, it meant nothing more than that. It was a one-time thing, it had never happened before and it will never happen again. Believe me and I will demonstrate it to you with the passage of time, in order to regain your trust”.
Category :Romantic forgive me Whatsapp messages

:: “I am fully aware that I lost your respect and any rights I might have had, and the truth is that I know for sure that this indifference with which you treat me is what I deserve. Things were not going well between us, but that is no excuse to shield my actions. All I ask is for you forgiveness, I know it might be too much to ask, but I do not know what else to do”.
Category :Romantic forgive me Whatsapp messages

We will be seeing you soon with much more content and phrases for you; we hope these will be helpful to recover your girlfriend’s heart and win her forgiveness.

I am sorry whatsapp text messages for boyfriend

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