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Cute letter for Father’s Day

Best Father's Day greetings for Dad.#FathersDayGreetingsForDad
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Your husband would feel very happy if on Father’s Day he receives a message from his baby. This is not a fantasy, it can come true with your help.

Think about the things your baby would tell his Dad and write them in a note to surprise your husband on Father’s Day.

The message should basically express the joy your son feels for having such a loving Dad who daily shows his love for him very much. If you wanted to write this note, but did not know how, then do not worry.

Up next we present you with two examples of dedications of a baby to his Daddy on Father’s Day. You can modify them or get inspiration from these models to surprise your husband for being such a dedicated father.Download Father's Day leters to Dad.#FathersDayGreetingsForDad

Father’s Day letter
to my Dad 1

From: Lucas
To: Daddy

Cute Daddy, I guess you must be very surprised to see this note from me, but someone we both love gave me her help.

I want to start by telling you that I am very happy to be your son because every day I can feel your love for me: when you take me in your arms and make me play, when you carry me asleep to my crib and give me a goodnight kiss I really know that I am special to you.

I felt a great affection for you since I was in my mom’s tummy and the day I was born you even cried of the excitement. I love you with all my little heart Daddy, every day you give your best effort at work to give me everything I need and try to improve to be a better parent and something that I really appreciate.

I will love you all my life Dad, when I am a little older and I can talk, I will tell you how much I love you and I when I can walk, I will walk wherever you go.

On this Father’s Day I want to tell you I wish you all the best and hope we can celebrate many more years in which we can be together, you, my mommy and me.

Many congratulations Dad.Find Father's Day phrases for Dad.#FathersDayGreetingsForDad

Father’s Day letter
to my Dad 2

From: Sebastian
To: My Daddy

Dear Dad, today is father’s day so my mommy helped me write you this very special write note.

When I came into this world I felt your great affection and as time goes by that feeling is becoming stronger. Upon receiving the news that I was on the way, you feel scared because you did not feel very prepared to take care of me, but let me tell you are the best father of all because I am a baby very proud of his Daddy.

I want to ask for your forgiveness Daddy because there are nights when I wake you up with my tears and crying, I am sorry but understand that I am still very young and I still need you.

But the days go by fast and I will grow up and be a child who no longer bothers you. I love it when you play with me and you do everything for me, or when you coo me to sleep.

I love you Daddy and this feeling will never change. Today that Father’s day is celebrated, I want you to know that I am very happy to have you, you are a great Dad and that is why I wish you congratulations.Father's Day sayings for Dad.#FathersDayGreetingsForDad

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