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Get cousin’s birthday letters

Birthday greetings to cousin
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Make your cousin have a nice birthday by greeting her in a very original way. Express to her your good wishes and tell her you love her very much with a special message.

You can also mention some experiences that you have lived together, tell her what you admire of her and that you wish her all the best.

In this article we present you two examples of message you can send to your cousin who is celebrating one more year of life. Give her this note along with a gift or send it using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Cousin’s birthday letter sample 1 :

From: Johanna
To: Milena

Dear Milena on this special day for you I send this message to say hi and tell you that you are someone I love very much.

Ever since we were little we have always been very close. Each one of the experiences we have lived together will always be recorded in my mind. We have different ways of seeing life, but we still get along great.

I feel great affection for you because you are a very sincere, friendly and funny girl. Thank you so much because you have always helped me and given me advice whenever I needed.

I know I can always trust you because I have never been disappointed by you. I want to thank you for everything and tell you to keep being that way.

You are a very beautiful woman and in no time the guy of your dreams will arrive, with whom you will be very happy and I will feel very good to see one of your greatest desires come true. Every day I love you more because you are a great person. Have a nice birthday dear cousin and I hope that God will continue to give more life for the joy of all of us who love you.

Cousin’s birthday letter sample 2 :

From: Tamara
To: Lucia

Dear Lucia, on this day of your birthday I write this message to you with much love.

Of all my cousins you are my favorite because we get along well and you are the one who understands me the best. We share many similar tastes and that is probably why there is such a great affinity between us. Thank you so much being with me in the crucial moments of my life and for giving me your support to overcome the challenges I faced and succeed above all.

I feel the Lord has blessed me so much because it has given me a cousin like you, I like to go out with you and have a great time.

Sometimes our parents say they are going to end crazy because of us, but we are going to continue doing many things for fun. I love you like a sister so I promise I will always help you with whatever you need me to.

I want to end this post by wishing you all the best. You are a very good girl so you will be able to make all your dreams come true. May God always bless you and allow your life to be full of many successes. Congratulations on your birthday.

We hope you have liked these examples of birthday messages you can use to greet your cousin on her birthday. She will love so much get such a nice a detail on that special day.

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