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The pain felt when a father dies is very intense. The man who was always with you, nursed you and gave his unconditional love is someone irreplaceable, that when goes he leaves a deep sadness in the heart.

Suffering becomes worst on special days such as Christmas or the arrival of the New Year, and especially on the day our dad held one more year of life. The fact that is no longer in this world does not mean that that day will be like any other. Keep in mind that he lives while you can hold him in your thoughts.

Although it is no longer possible to celebrate with him, a special meeting may be made in his honor and remember the good times you had when he was alive. Remember that from heaven he is looking around and feel excited you are remembering the day of his birthday.

Then we present a list of many special greetings that you can express in memory of your father on the day of his birthday.

Free list of birthday phrases for my deceased father:

– “On this day of your birthday I feel your absence more than ever dear father. I know you are in heaven and from there you care for us all, but I feel sad. I will never forget your teachings. I love you and always will. “
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– “Congratulations on your birthday, Dad. I would like you to be here today with us making us feel so happy. You were a great dad and I feel very proud of you. You will live forever in my memory because I always will remain you. “
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– “Happy birthday dad, even though you are not here we are celebrating it because you were wonderful and deserve it. We know that today you are at the Lord’s side and I hope that some day we meet again. I am very proud to be your son, I love you so much. “
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– “Congratulations on your birthday beloved father. I still do not accept that you’re gone forever. Although the years pass the feeling that you’re gone will keep inside me as a void. I love you and always will. “
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– “If you were among us today would celebrate another year of your life, but unfortunately you left Dad. I know you’re in heaven and care about us, but that does not void sadness. I hope that since we’re seeing up there, we love you very much and never let the gap so no one can fill. “
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– “The Lord knows the pain that’s in my heart because even today after all these years I still miss you, father. It is very sad to think that today you would fulfilling another year of life, but you are no more in this world. Your children will always remember you with love and will do anything to make you proud of us. We send a big hug wherever you are. “
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– “The sadness I feel for your death will never be erased. On this day you would be celebrating another year of your birthday so we have gathered to remember you, Dad. You were always a wonderful man, you taught us much by your example, you had many virtues and few faults. We hope you’re next to the Lord and give us the comfort we require to get over your loss. “
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– “Dear Dad I wish you a happy birthday wherever you are. Life is hard without your company, I need you to talk to me and to give me your advice. I wish you to know that I love you so much because you were a great father. I will never forget your teachings. “
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– “I dream you’re with me on this day to give you a hug and wish you all the best for your birthday. Since you went away nothing’s been the same, sometimes a melancholy fills my soul and it is not easy to move on. Dad you always are going to make me much needed, I hope that when God calls me to his side I can see you again. “
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– “In this day you would be fulfilling a year of your birth. I felt very sad not to have you with us. It is not easy to resign ourselves to don’t see you again, I wish that all this is just a nightmare, but I know that is not so. God called you to his side and the only thing left is to accept His holy will. We send a big hug daddy. “
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– “On days like this come to my mind many memories of the wonderful times we enjoyed together. My childhood was very happy because you did anything to see me smile. I have to thank you for everything you have given me and promise again that I will be a daughter you would feel proud of. I love you so much dad, have a happy birthday. “
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Although not having your dad by your side is something very difficult to overcome, we hope that with these greetings you can express your feelings for him.

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