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A reminder letter is normally used to make remember something like a working meeting, a debt that is not paid or overdue bills. This may then be directed to a person or company.

It is also used to remind companies the dates of launches for promotions or discounts, it is common in the consumer business. You can also use these letters to report the death of an important person.

Below there are some examples of reminder letters, we hope they would be useful for you at some time, perhaps as a basis for writing your own reminder letter.



Example No. 1 of a reminder letter

Antofagasta December 13, 2011

Av Mar Rojo No 1574
Tel 2473019

Clara Rita Morales
IT Supervisor
Calle Madrid Block 14 No. 9972
Antofagasta – Chile




Dear Ms. Morales:

By this letter I would like to confirm you that on December 20 we will hold a meeting with all the coordinators, supervisors and managers from all areas of the company at the main building.

This meeting is mandatory because on it, it will be discussed the performance of all employees of the company, therefore, we appreciate that you would prepare a report of the employees you have under your responsibility.

Thanks in advance for your attendance at the meeting indicated.

Best Regards,

Carlos Barrios

In this first reminder letter, a supervisor receives confirmation of the date of a mandatory meeting, which must be attended.



Example No. 2 of a reminder letter

Caracas April 12, 2012



Ave Magnolia No 1987
Tel 0147962422

Mr. Manuel Galindo Lopez
Calle Los algarrobos No 641
Caracas – Venezuela

Mr. Galindo:

We kindly greet and say that on 25, 26 and April 27 of this year, TIENDAS OFERTON will offer in all locals, discounts up to 50% on all clothing for men, women and children for the fall season that is ahead. To qualify for these discounts you should only go on those dates at any of our stores.

Ave Magnolia No 1987
Tel 0147962422

In this second model of a reminder letter, it is communicated to a client the dates of specials in a chain of clothing stores.

Example No. 3 Letter of a reminder letter:

Lima, September 22, 2011

Av Las linternas 1200 – San Juan de Miraflores
Tel 452 8784

To the general public:

With this letter we want to remind all fans of the famous Puerto Rican singer Carlos Martinez “The Handsome” and the general public that on October 15 of this year is commemorated the first anniversary of the dead of the famous artist.

The fan club like Carlos Martinez “The Handsome” will provide a sensitive tribute on that day October 15 at 16:00 hours in our club located at Av Las linternas 1200 – San Juan de Miraflores.

We hope to meet you all.

Av Las linternas 1200 – San Juan de Miraflores
Tel 452 8784

In this third example of a reminder letter, it is reminded to all fans and the general public a meeting for the commemoration of one year of the death of a famous Puerto Rican artist.


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    Can u make me a reminder letter to the tenant that the billing of water and electric will be every 5 of the mos. also introduce my self to all tenants that i am authorizing to collect the payment.. thhank you.

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  8. charm   December 23, 2016 at 1:35 am

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    Hi, I am looking for a sample letter for my employees telling them to confirm their address and SS # etc on their paycheck in preparation for year end, and to send all changes to me ASAP. Can you help? Thank you

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  12. Charles   August 23, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    Good day. please, I want write a reminder to those who submitted a letter to some few months ago. the letter we sent to them, is a letter of request. we are Nigerian corp members sourcing for funds to carry out a project in that community. we want to write a letter of reminder to those who we are asking to support us with some funds to complete our project. though a request letter had been given to them, we are trying to remind them. hope to hear from you. thanks

  13. Raza   May 23, 2016 at 1:47 am

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  14. faustina owusu   April 28, 2016 at 10:18 am

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    How to prepare the official reminder letter to my manager regarding my marriage date,

    Thank & Regards,

    Shajeer Kabeer

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