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For a company or a natural person to make their services known in the market is important to be advertised by the media.

Currently the biggest boom is in social networking features like Facebook, Twitter or other social network and are very used to reach the general public very effectively, but when it comes to providing a service to a company, either between a professional and a company or between companies, there is no better way than through a letter that can be sent to the recipient physically or by email.

It is very important that this communication is clear and concise and contain all the data needed to be effective. Here we offer you two examples of cards to offer.



Example No. 1 of a letter to offer services :

Caracas, July 25th, 2013

ZULIA Ferrelectricos SA
240Frías Street
Sales Management

Tel 5406723




Dear sirs,

To whom it may concern:

Through this letter, our company FERREELECTRICOS OF ZULIA extends its warmest greetings and presents their portfolio.
We are a leading company in Venezuela in the field of high voltage electrical inputs and we have sold our products to companies in the electricity sector.

Since NORTHERN LIGHT is the company responsible for distributing and maintaining power grids in the northern part of the country is our desire to establish business links offering our portfolio of services. We have the certifications of safety case as well as highly trained personnel in the adjustment and development of our products.



For more information and orders you can contact our call center and we will gladly assist you.
If you want to count on our services please contact us by phone or by this media, we will be happy to serve you and answer all your questions.


ZULIA Ferrelectricos SA

Example No. 2 of a letter to offer services :

Medellin, May 15th, 2013



John Silva
Fotomarket SA
12-30 45 Street
Tel 32054621

General Management
No 45-10 20 Street
Tel 5682410

To whom it may concern:

Receive a sincerely greeting. Our company, my name is John Smith and I am the manager of the company Fotomarket, one of the most renowned photo agencies in town for all kinds of commercial photographic studio.

We conducted photographic campaigns that have been successful in sales since we have professionals with extensive experience and we have the latest tools of the moment.

Our creative team will offer the most innovative solutions for their advertising campaigns and be very pleased with the results. For a complete sample of our work for our services, please contact us at the telephone number attached.

It will be our pleasure to have you as one of our customers.

John Silva
Fotomarket SA

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