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The term intelligence has many definitions, but one of them talks about a skill that has the power to acquire information from the outer space of the individual with the aim of issuing a response as the context suggests. It is also said that intelligence comes from a genetic endowment and, also, the experiences lived along the subject’s life.

According to psychology departments, intelligence can be defined as the ability to capture knowledge or understanding of innovative cases types, when it comes to taking tests of scientific value and thus can take steps to quantitative terms but depending on the success of participants against a specific test.

In general, the concepts of intelligence dealing with the ability to solve problems in the most simple and satisfactory course, this depends on what strategy you take, they also take into account the amount of knowledge, speed to solve a difficult problem involved with maturity, the creativity shown and the willingness to learn.

Other current theories consider it as an ability to adapt possessed by humans possess before known situations, the way in which they relate with the environment and with other persons present at the scene, versatility, creative thinking to develop innovative strategies to solve a problem; the important thing to do, is to highlight the originality and creativity.

Intelligence tests are used to measure skills, abilities and knowledge of the person. It is divided into several areas in which there are several relatively easy questions and mental exercises that will serve to quantitatively measure the skill of the participant. The result of the test taken by the participants is compared with those of a “normal” person. The questions (or items) shall be increased in difficulty or becoming heavier and laborious to answer as the test advances.

Generally these tests base their results on the speed in making correct responses, because answering all the questions is very difficult with the limited time that is provided but in turn, questions are not that difficult.

Intelligence tests were first developed based on intelligence quotient (IQ) concepts, which were mentioned by Simon and Binet in the year 1905, with the purpose of been able to categorically identify who were the children who needed some type of special education or care.

The result is made by a quotient, in which the numerator is the chronological age (the age of the body) and the denominator is the mental age (the age of the brain). According to the assumptions of Binet, people are in a theoretical range with specific levels of chronological ages. The previous result is multiplied by a hundred so that number is on the IQ boards accepted worldwide.

The results are proven worldwide by running some tests to verify certain people and coincidentally the score with their academic achievements. Basically, normal results have a score of 100 points, people who get over 140 points are considered as gifted people, people who are mentally challenged show scores that are around the 70 points and lower, this data may change according to each study, but the idea remains.
It was to be expected that this chart and categorizing mental capacities would earn much criticism.

You can test your IQ with various tests that abound on the Internet; one of the most recommended ones is the one provided Mensa or PsicoActiva, which can be used from the following internet addresses:


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