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relationship, end relationship, coupleHow to say goodbye to a failed love

Saying goodbye to a person who has been very special to us is not easy, much less when it is a person we loved. There are relationships in which there is no other solution to end for both to go your own way.

If you analyzed the situation and have concluded that the relationship you have with your girlfriend should not continue, it is best to be honest and talk to her to finish it explaining what is best for both.

If you want to, but you have no idea how to say no, calm down because then we will give you some ideas on how to say goodbye to failed love. Use the one you think most appropriate to end your relationship.

In person

It is the main way that you should consider to end your relationship. You can date her in a location that is not near where she lives and neither near where you live.

Once she arrives, you must be direct, here it does not matter whose fault it was, you should behave just up to the situation. You can detail about the reasons why you do not want the relationship to continue but do it always calmed and express why you want to end.

A goodbye note

In case you want to express a number of reasons to your partner and you take a bit of work to sort out your thoughts or just feel you can not tell her in person, a choice that will serve you would be a goodbye note.

You can write it and make it arrive to your girlfriend through someone’s or directly to her email or Facebook inbox. Try to be as direct as possible and do not obviate the reasons why you made the decision to finish. You must be very clear in expressing that the decision you have made have not going back, avoid faulting her of anything, just say goodbye and wish her the best.

A call to her cell

Today it is common to resolve problems through a mobile phone. If you want to avoid being face to face with her but does not want to be as indirect as to use a card, you may do so through your phone call. Even you can avail yourself of the text messages to tell her your determination.

The drawbacks to end a relationship through indirect media such as email, social networks, text messages and even for phone calls is that she may think you are avoiding it because they probably still have feelings for her. So it must be consistent with your actions and once you use these media take it out of your contact lists, block it from your Facebook, do not take her calls or respond to her emails.

There are women who are very persistent and that in one way or another seek to convince you. If you stand up you will have the same position and she will understand that your decision is final, in case you show will to change your mind, she will feel she can influence on you and manipulate you. Just think about your decision to finish and don’t change your mind.

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