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One of the most beautiful and visited countries in Europe is Spain, which is a center of commerce, it has a great history and it is a culturally rich country. In this country we meet people from different countries of Europe and from several other countries.

If for some reason you are thinking about moving to Spain, here we inform you about the best cities in which you could live. All Spain is beautiful, but each city has its own style, so in this article we will discuss the specific features that have the best cities in Spain, so you can make a good decision based on what you will be informed.


As we all know Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is considered as one of the favorite cities to live, because it is the trade center and in it, you would find the headquarters of many major companies that are installed in Spain.

This city has the largest airport in Spain called Madrid-Barajas, which is a source of work, as its operation allows the existence of many employment opportunities for people. We can say that Madrid is a city where there is a great calm. Its transportation system is based on a Metro, which has 238 stations that are located throughout the city.


It is a very beautiful city as it has various historical relics and also a great modernity represented by its different constructions. If you decide to live in this city you will find two languages: Catalan and Spanish.

Barcelona is one of Spain’s cities with more population, and the transportation of people is through the Barcelona metro which has 11 lines covering the entire city. Barcelona is a city that gets a lot of visits from people all over the world because it has a great culture. If you’re interested in living in Barcelona and you want to get a job, one of the sectors that you should explore is the automotive industry.


All people living in Valencia are very happy because it is a very quiet town, which offers many job options based on the commerce generated by the port of Valencia. Valencia also offers jobs opportunities in other types of industries such as farming and tourism, as this city gets lots of visitors.

This city is organized in 19 districts and the manner in which citizens are mobilized is through the metro which consists of 5 lines. It has a climate which is easily adaptable; the location of this city is facing the Gulf of Valencia, in the Iberian Peninsula, definitely a great place to live.


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