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England is one of the most admired countries around the world, the elegance of its cities has made of England a great place for the eyes of the world. In England were born many persons that have marked the history of humanity as the physicist Isaac Newton; persons that have brought great happiness as The Beatles, and also great scientists like Charles Darwin.

If you ever visit England enjoy the history of this exceptional country visiting its museums. Here we give you a list of the best museums you can find there.

British Museum

The British Museum is located in London, and it is the one that has more pieces of art of great value; it has about 5 million of different objects. These objects represent the art, archeology, and ethnography. A feature of this museum is that it has a neoclassicism style which gives a perfect environment to enjoy its pieces of art.

Among its most important pieces we would find the biggest collections of porcelain from China in Europe, specifically the Portland Vase and the Stone Rose, and also a great exhibition of Egyptian mummification.

Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum is one of the most visited because of the quality of its pieces, the museum has existed since the seventeenth century and it is located in the city of Oxford. It is the first university museum, and Elias Ashmole was the first person who donated pieces to this museum.

All its collections are very beautiful like the Egyptian, Greek and Minoan ones which would be found in the archaeological part of the museum. We also find pieces of art made by great representatives of the painting like Miguel Angel and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Museum and Art Gallery Birmingham

The Museum and Art Gallery of Birmingham is located in the city of Birmingham. There, we would find an estimated of half a million of pieces of art, and some of these pieces are about 200 000 years old. The pieces are from England, Europe and the Middle East.

This museum has a very nice environment. It has a very good way to solve the proper maintenance of the relics which is that the public has the opportunity to give a personal donation which would help to preserve a specific piece of art.

Museum “The Beatles”

This grand museum is located in the city of Liverpool, and it is made to honor the English band “The Beatles”. It is a group that has marked the history of the city of Liverpool and the world. We can see in the museum every step of the career of the band with chronological representations. The museum shows the start of the band, the first places where they shared their music, among other things.


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