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One of the most beautiful countries is France, not only for its distinguished and beautiful streets but also for its infinite culture , which is the main reason for which tourists visit this country. France receives a great part of the visitors that travel to Europe.

If you decide to travel to France you should enjoy its culture. One way to do so is to visit the museums that offer this country, which are filled with pieces of art which represent the history of Europe and the world. Here you will find the information you need about what you would find in each museum.

Louvre Museum

This museum is considered one of the best, not only in Paris that is where it is located, but also in the entire world. The Louvre museum has works of art of the most important artists of world history such as Leonardo Da Vinci. We can also find pieces of art from Eastern cultures and from India. Ones of the most surprising pieces of art are those from the French monarchy.

In the Louvre museum you will find one of the most important paintings: La Gioconda made by Leonardo Da Vinci and also a great number of archaeological pieces. In the museum shops you can buy souvenirs and replicas of the pieces of art of this museum.

Quai Branly Museum

It is one of the newer museums, because it was opened in 2006. It has 300 000 works of art, among which we would find pieces of art from Africa, East Asia, and Oceania. This museum is very close to the Eiffel Tower, it has a modern style and it is opened for public visit only 10 times in the year, which makes this museum has a large number of visitors in those dates.

Orsay Museum

The inauguration of the Orsay Museum was in 1986 in Paris. This large building has pieces of art, beautiful paintings, sculptures and outstanding decorative art pieces, which are divided into three categories in which each of these pieces are distributed according to their chronology. We can find the work of Vincent Van Gogh and Eugene Delacroix. The artworks are from the nineteenth century.

Gadagne Museum

The Gadagne museum is located in the city of Lyon. It is made up of several buildings which once were used as hotels. This museum has historical art pieces from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, and manuscripts of France and Lyon. In this museum you would find works of art known to everyone as puppets.

The collection owned by the museum is made up of puppets from many eras and from all parts of the world. This art, which was born in this city, was the preferred way of playing of the children of Lyon for over a century.


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