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One of the best places to go on vacation is the archipelago of Bahamas, which has about 20 islands with an amazing natural beauty. These are beautiful beaches in the Caribbean which every year receive thousands of tourists who enjoy all that these islands offer.

No matter which month you decide to go for a vacation, it is sunny all the year. If you have already purchased your ticket for Bahamas, here we will show you the best accommodations you can find, so you can make a good decision and have an unforgettable vacation.

Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort

If you want to stay in what is called the pearl of the Caribbean, then you should stay at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort .This wonderful and modern resort is located just in front of the most beautiful beaches of the Bahamas.

It depends if you go alone or with family or friends this resort offers 20 types of different rooms, from the personal ones with a price of $ 240 to the most privileged with a price of 530 dollars per night. Not only you will find peace and relaxation in this resort but also you will have more options for fun like kayak or scuba diving on the beach.

You also have large pools, gym and spa. Also you will be able to have unforgettable evenings at the exclusive nightclubs that offer lots of fun. To learn more about this resort visit

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

This is a resort that consists of 6 sectors for you to choose. Within these sectors you will also find very beautiful palm trees, large pools, where children would have lots of fun. All these pools have access to the sea. You would also swim with the dolphins and observe marine species. If you want more fun, you have an underwater aquarium and large fields where you can play golf and tennis, and also a gym. If you want more information about this resort please visit

Paradise Island Harbour Resort

Paradise Island Harbour Resort is located in the town of Nassau. It is located in front of the beautiful shores of the Bahamas; it has been listed as one of the best resorts to stay with the family. It consists of more than 250 rooms of 4 different styles. You can find rooms at different prices starting at $ 245 per night.

This resort has the best amenities you can imagine. It also offers services like room service, mini bar and air conditioning in all rooms. You have other options like visiting the resort’s bars or restaurants; you can also enjoy the nightlife in one of the nightclubs. If you want to know more about this resort please page

Breezes Bahamas Resorts & Spas

Breezes Bahamas Resorts and Spa is located in front of shore cable, which is known as one of the most beautiful beaches of the Bahamas. It has exclusive rooms and suites. It is a 5 stars resort and it has a little less than 500 rooms.

If you love water sports, this is the ideal resort for you, as you can practice windsurf or water ski. Another way of playing sports and having fun is using the golf and volleyball courts, do not forget they also have a large arena and a gym. To learn more about this magnificent resort do not forget to enter the website


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