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The family, without a doubt, is a very important part in our lives, because they are always expressing their love and support, which cannot be missed on our birthday. The nice thing about families is that they know absolutely everything about us and they still love us and want to celebrate with us when we succeed and accompany us when we fail.

There are times when, with just a word, we cannot adequately express what we feel or want to wish to someone, and that is why we have prepared some examples to help you do it assertively. We will concentrate in cousins, for they are our sisters and we can always count on them, so let us devote a few minutes to express some nice words on their birthday. Below you will be able to find the models we have prepared for you.

Example 1 for wishing happy birthday to your cousin:

Dear cousin,

It’s your special day and no one can say otherwise. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you, in you I have found a staunch friend in which I can always trust, I owe so much that I cannot even begin to list it down. Today I want you to know how much I love you and I found cute to do so through this card. I’m very happy to be celebrating this special day for you and it feels like it was only yesterday when we were small and ran everywhere, laughing and singing.

It is rare to see how time goes by and realizing that we grew up but, anyhow, within us we’ll always be the same girls who now how to have fun at all times. Today I am thrilled and about to burst into tears, but do not be scared, they are tears of joy to see how you turned into a lady. I love the relationship we have and hopefully that it will always stay the same.

Every day I’ll thank you for how good you are and for all that you do for me; only you have stayed with me in the most difficult times, help me and encourage me to continue on my path. I’m proud to know that it has been both ways, because I’ve always been there for you too; together we have managed to make each other happy. I pray the Lord that today, when celebrating your birthday, He blesses you infinitely and brings all the good you deserve.

I hope you celebrate this birthday and many more that are yet to come, dear cousin, I know that every year will be better for us and that we will live it with greater intensity and joy. The love I have for you will be eternal and nothing can break it. I wish you the best and may God always be present in your life.

Example 2 for wishing happy birthday to your cousin:

To my favorite cousin,

It’s your birthday! Today it is a perfect day to do everything; you have no idea of how happy I am for you. I would like us to climb mountains, go to an amusement park, eat ice cream, doing everything you can imagine and more, and everything with the goal of getting one of those cute smiles that only you have.

You are about to enter a new stage in your life, discover new things, meet new people and embark on a wonderful journey, and I am confident that you will love it. I hope you’re ready for the surprises that will not wait to come and you will have to overcome new challenges and obstacles, I know you’re ready and that the rewards will be perfect for you.

You make me very happy and I love you, cousin. Once again, I would like to wish you a happy birthday and that you have a great time; we are all with you to make sure that happens. I am very proud of you. When you are listening a song, I want you to think that every verse has been written for you and it is been sung as a celebration of your birthday.

I know we’re all very excited and wishing you the best in this new phase of your life, in which you will have to be patient and persistent with the things you want to achieve. I adore you, cousin; I know that we will spend many more birthdays together, yours and mine. Kisses!

Celebrating another birthday is something that cannot be overlooked in any way. To celebrate it as it should be done, remember writing your cousin a nice message to help her see how much you care about her. Express your best wishes and she will be happy. See you!

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