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If you are looking for phrases or nice words to send to someone special when the day ends, these short good night poems may help you.

Every night I thank God for being with you
I am sure my future would be cold without you
I give thanks you exist and I can walk by your side
Spending this night with you is a dream come true”.
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– Your beauty lights the dark night
Your loveliness mars the starlight
I am fortunate if you will be mine tomorrow
And I know I will always love you”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “Good night, sleep tight
Today´s journey is over
May the moon and the stars show up in your dreams
And heavenly beings protect you and wake up by your side”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “The sun shines when the day starts
The moon shines when the night comes
When I see the stars I see diamonds
That only compare to you”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “The night turns beautiful
When I know your eyes are resting
Life has meaning for me
Only when I know you are dreaming peacefully and lovingly”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “I look at the stars at night
And I notice there are over a million of them
I remember every time I told you
Good night my beautiful star”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “The most beautiful moment of the day
Is when night approaches
It is maybe because
You might show up in my dreams”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “Holding your hand
Kissing your forehead
Saying I love you
Makes my night the happiest one”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “A new day
Is a present I received
Because I started it with you
And because when it ends
You are with me”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “The loveliness of your sleep
Compares to the stars and the moon
Because kind people
Sleep well and happy”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “When the night comes
I feel fortunate
When I see I have won one more day
When I see I triumphed by your side”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “Living my days with you
Are incomparable moments
Spending every night united
Is an unforgettable dream for me”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “Have happy dreams
Have a very good night
Knowing you are real
Truly makes my life complete”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “At the end of every day
Just before you fall asleep
Think of me a little and remember
All you lived with me
And all I gave to you”.
Category :Good Night Poems

:: “A day has passed and ended
I wish you a good night
May you dream of angels
And of beautiful melodies”.
Category :Good Night Poems

– Your clear spirit lights the darkness of the night
Seeing you smile can cheer up a luckless day
And so can being sure my day will end with you next to me
I think it is the most precious present God has given me”.
Category :Good Night Poems

We hope you like this list of short good night poems. Happy dreams.

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