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Students from universities and other institutes of higher education that are finishing their studies or are in the last semester, want do internships that give them the opportunity to gather work experience certified through the acquisition of skills in the field work for which they have prepared.

For a student to apply for one of these practices is necessary to write a letter of request to the company where he wants to perform. Here we bring you two examples of cards you can customize and present.

Example 1 of a letter to request internship:

Asuncion, July 20th, 2013

John Perez Ramos
230 Palm Avenue
Phone 2105487

Office of Human Resources
360 Bolivar Avenue
Phone 9102384

Best regards:

Through this I, John Perez Ramos, a ninth semester student of Architecture at the University Roosevelt I stand before you.
Roosevelt University, within the curricula of all careers, has implemented an internship program with the aim of bringing students to the world of work in which they should play.

In order to realize my professional practice and gain experience in the professional field, I am in search of a company in which to labor. When I heard about the possibility of these practices in their prestigious company I did not hesitate a moment in applying for one of the vacancies and this is the reason for this letter.

During the duration of my business practices will be supervised by a jury appointed by the university, which will be constantly evaluating my accomplishments and I will provide the necessary advice.

I am very grateful that I can be considered within the application process, from and I agree to comply with all the responsibilities of the job and I will do my best.


John Perez Ramos
Student of Architecture
Roosevelt University

Example 2 of a letter to request internship:

Caracas, August 15th, 2013

Andrea Garcia Lopez
450 Sucre Av
Tel 8903851

Express Barinas
Human Resources Area
n ° 9300The sea Avenue
Tel 7204564

To whom it may concern:

My name is Andrea Garcia Lopez and I am a student of the last term of the career of Tourism from the Union Bolivariana University

The reason for this responds to a process of call that his company has made in my university to practitioners of past terms. I consider it of vital importance to make the practice in a recognized company as yours as it will improve my experience and allow me to develop my skills in my career.

In my years of study I have acquired various skills that allow me develope on any charges related to the profession of tourism, either hotel management, advocacy and tourist guide.

I would love to have the opportunity to work in your company and prove my potential, since now you can already have my commitment to all responsibilities assigned.


Andrea Garcia Lopez
Tourism Student
Union Bolivariana University

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