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getting permanent residence in canada by marriage, marriage with a canadian citizen to obtain the residence, tips to find a canadian citizen to get marriedMarrying a Canadian citizen to obtain the permanent residence

Considering their policies in favor of increasing the birth rate, the government of Canada has a strong interest in promoting the family unit, as the legal union of partners allows procreation of future Canadians. Now, it is known that marriage to a Canadian citizen makes the application process for residency. As long as it is a marriage based on nothing but the truth.

In Canada, many of its citizens have links subsidiaries around the world. It is for this reason that the federal government of Canada provides immigration facilities for these people. In different countries there are relationships that can be considered simple interest in reaching the residence. The Canadian government is aware of this situation, which is why it has established certain requirements that must be met in order to deliver the couple of a Canadian his or her permanent residence visa.

As follows, we will explain to you some of the advantages and disadvantages of legal marriage to a Canadian citizen.

The figure, under which the spouse becomes a citizen of Canada, is the sponsorship. The sponsor must meet the following requirements: be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and be over 18 years. The sponsor (husband or wife, as the case may be) shall undertake to assume the essential needs of the sponsored (spouse) for a period of 3 years, which include, among others, feeding, clothing and providing a home for him or her.

The immigration authorities of the Canadian government will undergo an investigation in order to demonstrate that the marriage relationship is genuine and lasting. In order to be able to do this, they will request this documentation, which will be the greatest aid to corroborate the existence of the relationship between the Canadian citizen and a foreigner.

This is the information that will be requested by the appropriate authorities:

• Marriage certificate issued by the civil authority of the country where the marriage occurred.

• Evidence showing the existence of the relationship, such as letters, mailing envelopes, copies of emails and chat logs online, cards, phone bills, pictures, copies of airline tickets and boarding passes, passports with stamps and out of the country of residence of his or her spouse, transfers of funds.

But what are the advantages of choosing this way of immigration? The most important of them is that you can access the permanent residence visa without the need of demonstrating sufficient financial resources to immigrate to Canada. This is possible because the processing performed by the spouse or sponsor assumes, to the ministry of immigration and citizenship, every responsibility for his or her client.

Furthermore, by choosing this way, the foreign person will not be rejected according to their professional qualities. In this case, the government’s intention is not to get qualified, but the preservation of the family organization.
Sponsored individuals must meet the requirements of good health (medical records proving) and criminal record (featuring his or her police records). The sponsored also must commit to find ways to support themselves financially.

The sponsored must bear in mind that, in the case his or her application is accepted, he or she can only obtain a permanent resident visa. No immigrant in Canada can access Canadian citizenship, even by getting married to a citizen. In order to be able to do that, you’ll need to have resided in Canada, for a period of three years at least.

So, what are the disadvantages of opting to immigrate to Canada through this way? The main problem is in proving the legality and legitimacy of the marriage. Although, to show that a marriage is legal, it is enough to provide a valid certificate of marriage and cohabitation is some evidence as well, such as photographs. The real problem is to prove the legitimacy of the relationship, which is essential for evidence that the relationship is maintained over time.

Some made it possible to ascertain the legitimacy of marriage are: couples who have traveled together, pictures of the couple in several contexts and through time, proof of the couple in different social scenes (together attending marriages and other social activities), detailed chronology of the relationship, demonstrating full knowledge of the life of the spouse and their closest relatives (which include, among others, their names, ages, cities where they reside, etc.).

As you can see, marriage to a Canadian citizen allows you to obtain the aimed permanent residency. But you should not believe that just because you have married a Canadian citizen you will definitely obtain your permanent residency visa. The Canadian authorities have designed processes that allow differentiating between established and foreign partners are desperate to enter Canada.

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