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Nice I miss you
love messages
for Him / HerFind best romantic phrases.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

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Being away from your partner is a great test for your love, as not many manage to resist it and others, on the contrary, consolidate their relationship because they realize that they love their significant other more than they even thought possible.

Below we have for you a list of messages you can send to your long distance partner so that your sweet words bring you closer together and that he or she knows how much you love and miss them.Cute love messages to copy and paste.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

Touchy miss you messages
for Boyfriend

:: “You know well that being far away from you does not mean that I love you less, this distance that separates us has served to make me feel more in love with you”.

:: “I feel as if a part of my body has been amputated; I miss you so much, it is unbearable”.

:: “We had to be far away from each other to understand that we are really in love. I miss you dear, I will be back soon, I promise”.

:: “I want to be close to you because I love you. Now that I am far away, I suffer because I miss you way too much”.Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

How do I tell my boyfriend
that I miss him?

:: “The saddest thing about being away from you is that I cannot help missing you. I cannot wait to come back to your side and stay there forever”.

:: “I would like to stop thinking about you so I do not miss you, but that would be impossible. I miss you so much, you have no idea”.

:: “The distance that separates us today has taught me that you are someone worth having by my side. Come back soon, I need you”.

:: “I felt pain when we parted, but I do not want to think about it anymore because when we get together again the joy of our meeting will be immense”.I am deeply in love with you text messages.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

Romantic I miss you messages

:: “Love, the distance that separates us right now will be the best proof of how great our feelings for each other are”.

:: “I love you and I miss you very much, please always keep that in mind”.

:: “We had to drift apart to discover how much we are in love with each other. I promise you will soon stop missing me because I will be back sooner than you think”.

:: “I look at the sunset and I cannot stop remembering you, I miss you so much, my love”.You are the only one I want love messages.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

What to text your man
when you miss him?

:: “Our love will never fade because the farther away we are from each other, the more we miss being in each other’s arms”.

:: “I am far away from you for now, but your love has given me enough reasons to want to come back to you as soon as possible”.

:: “Our relationship is foolproof, and we are proving that we can still be in love even if today we are thousands of kilometers apart”.

:: “I needed this distance to know how much I actually love you and how much I want to be close to you”.best tender love thoughts & messages for Girlfriend.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

Tender I miss you
love messages for Him

:: “I will wait for your return so that you can extinguish the volcano in me”.

:: “Our relationship is more than the distance that separates us, what counts is the immense desire we have to get back together”.

:: “I miss having you in my life and this feeling is unbearable. Please come back and let me show you how much you have been missed”.

:: “We are the strongest couple I know, so there is no doubt that we will manage to get through this. I promise you that, my love”.Find I will adore you forever sweet mobile messages.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

I miss you love quotes

:: “You are always in my heart, even if my body is far away from you, there is no distance that can split us apart”.

:: “I was left with the memory of the last kiss you gave me, if I could have frozen that moment in time you would never have left”.

:: “The word goodbye does not exist for us, wherever you are my thoughts will look for you, my heart will not stop loving you, I will always miss the memory of you”.

:: “I was unaware of how deep my love for you was until you had to move away, I long for your return to show you how much I love and value you”.

Choose any of these phrases to show your love that you miss him/her and how much you want them to be closer to you. See you very soon! Bye!Best 'I love you' messages for Him & Her.#RomanticMissYouPhrases

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