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Celebrating the day in which we turn 15 years old is the dream of every little girl who is becoming a woman and cannot wait to be in the company of all her loved ones. Some of those special people are her cousins, who will play a special role in this day, as they are often those who grew up next to her and with whom she shares many things with. Maybe some of them have already turned 15 and others are still waiting for that day to come.

People who have been invited to this special day are the ones who love her the most and that is why they are very happy for her and want to convey their best wishes with cute messages and the best vibes for the girl who will become a woman. Here we present you a series of phrases that can be used to be sent to your cousin who turns 15 after so much waiting. We encourage you to review them and choose your favorites.

List of prhases to wish happy birthday to my cousin:

:: “Cousin of my heart, we are more than just that and you know that the bond that we share is very large and I cannot believe that you are already 15. All I want for you is the best and I wish you all the happiness in the world, as long as you try hard enough, you will get everything that you want. Never let your joy or your kindness to be taken away. You know I love you as you are, I congratulate you”.
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:: “You are among my earliest memories of youth. We have shared everything together, from classes in school until evenings at your home or mine. We still have a long way to go and I hope that we do it together as we have done so far. I love the relationship we have, as it goes far beyond a simple cousin’s relationship, we are almost soul mates. Today you will turn 15 and I hope you’re surrounded by all the happiness you deserve. Today will be fun and we will spend a great time together. A thousand kisses for you, dear”.
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:: “Dear cousin, I cannot believe that you are going to turn 15, what I love the most is to see that you have not changed your essence and that’s the most important thing in a person and I am very glad to see you as well. Stay as you are because nobody can match you and that is why we love you so much. I hope you’re happy and I want you to know that this is your night, we will have great moments together. Kisses”.
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:: “Cousin! You do not know how sad I can be, I close my eyes and visualize perfectly the very nice evening that awaits you. Many memories come to me of all that we share together, those days in the park, those summers at the sea. It’s nice having all of those experiences with you. I hope you’re very happy and that you’re surrounded by thousands of people who love you, kisses from your cousin”.
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:: “Dear cousin, you know that you’re my favorite for all we have lived next to each other. I love you and I care a big deal about you, I’m too happy and proud of you on this special day, anything you want will come true, just keep your hopes up. I will greet you properly after, meanwhile I send millions of hugs and kisses from the bottom of my heart”.
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We can find real friendship and sisterhood in our cousins, for they have known us for our entire lives and we can trust them and remember all that we have lived with them. That is why they are so happy in a day such as their cousins 15th birthday.

Feel free to send a special greeting to your cousins on their special day, you will make them very happy.Come back anytime you want, because we will have many more messages and phrases made especially for you. Remember that everything we offer is for free and that we are constantly updating our website so it fits your needs.

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