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In a difficult relationship for both sides, when all the ways and means to save it have been exhausted, then it is time to terminate the marriage. It is very common that married couples do no find the way to terminate the relationship, in those cases it is difficult, painful and sad, especially when it comes to not hurting the other person’s feelings, because despite all, at some point they lived together and enjoyed happy moments.

On the next few lines we show you two formats of letters which can somehow help you to express what you are finding hard to say, do it in a way you do not hurt your partner, and doing it with prudence and subtly will be for the best.

Free example 1 of a letter to finish a marriage:

From the moment we decided to join our lives in marriage, it was because we both felt that together we could make our dreams come true, and that the love between us would last forever, unfortunately it did not, and so you do not know how sorry I am, but time has revealed that we are not made for each other, and just as life goes on we have are still in time, we are still young and we can rebuild our lives.

The time and distance we need will take care and heal our wounds and the suffering we withheld at the end, and I am sure that after this time, we will find new dreams, new horizons, and in different ways maybe we will even be good friends, because despite everything, I have a pleasant memory of you, and I think this is the moment to terminate our relationship and thus not reach the end of it in bad terms to the point of feeling upset by remember the moments spent together, on the contrary, let us do things so everything goes accordingly and in gratitude to the good moments that we both enjoyed.

I appreciate the times when you were tolerant and understanding with me, forgive me that I am not the woman of your life, that we could not reconcile our characters, but surely later in life we will be able to find happiness.

We can only accept the separation, the decision is hard and painful, but time will tell us that it was the best for the both of us.

I wish you well in your new life and as may we both be able overcome these difficult times. Good luck.

Free example 2 of a letter to finish a marriage:

All this time I spent along with you, was not really in vain, because together we understood that our destiny is another.

It is sad and painful to reach this defining moment in our lives, especially because the day that we got married we had so many dreams and plans that made us happy, but today we realized that the love we had for each other vanished away; it is not a time to search for someone guilty, but rather to make decisions with maturity and wisdom and never lose the respect for one another that we have preserved up to this day.

We are people able to face each and overcome this situation and recognize that we did our best to try to save our marriage, but unfortunately we could not, and so we recognize and accept it.
We have a whole life ahead of us and we know that just as friends will be ok, it is my wish that we can end this engagement with the seal of our friendship.

Hopefully we will be able to overcome this situation in time and rescue the good and happy times that we spent so we get to keep them in our memory and in our hearts forever.
I hope that in your new way you can find happiness and you can remember me as a good woman. Take it easy. Goodbye.

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