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Sweet love declarationsDownload best eternal love phrases.#EternalLovePhrases

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Congratulations! If you are here is because you were sincere with your feelings and now you are looking for a way to reach the heart of the girl you like with the best declaration of love, so do not get distracted for a minute from this article. Enjoy each of these messages to declare your love and get her to be your girlfriend.Cute deep love declarations to copy and paste.#EternalLovePhrases

How do you write
a love declaration

:: “I am very distracted, my heart is racing and my doctor has told me that I suffer from the best disease of all: Love. I am in love with you!”.

:: “Love is easy to fall in love, the hard part is to cultivate it. That is why I offer you my soul, my mind, and my heart, you have captivated me!”.

:: “My heart was a fortress that no one could enter, but today I want to open the doors for you have captivated me. Love you!”.

:: “I am distracted during the day and I cannot sleep at night. You occupy my mind 100% and you cannot leave my heart. I am in love with you!”.Download love declarations messages to send by Whatsapp.#EternalLovePhrases

How can I propose a girl
to be my girlfriend?

:: “I gathered the courage to tell you what I feel and I hope I can express it: You are everything I asked from life and you would make me very happy if you would accept me. I love you!”.

:: “Our friendship is not like others, for we are united by a special bond. When I look at you, I get lost in your eyes, and I breathe happiness. I am in love with you!”.

:: “I am convinced that this feeling is new to me and that it is real. At your side I have plenty of reasons to be happy, you are angelic, I love you!”.

:: “You must pursue your dreams so they will come true. You seemed like an illusion, but today you are my greatest truth, I love you!”.I am deeply in love with you declarations messages.#EternalLovePhrases

Phrases to Her :
I am in love with you!

:: “You are like no other; you are special. Not even in heaven itself is there anyone who can compare to you, I love you!”.

:: “I never gave up, I always believed in love and now life has rewarded me by finding the woman who makes my heart fell alive. I love you!”.

:: “Meeting you was not just luck, it was written by God, for He promised me that the woman of my life would appear and fill my days with love”.

:: “I thought all women were the same but I was wrong. Meeting you was a wonderful discovery. I love you!”.You are the only one I want love declarations.#EternalLovePhrases

How do you start
a love phrase?

:: “I am sorry for the delay, I was working up the courage to tell you that I love everything about you and I hope that you will allow me into your heart”.

:: “Your smile is magical, as it transports me to another time and place. I feel inspired by your side, you are the closest thing to happiness I have ever known, I am in love with you!”.

:: “I feel like I am acting like a fool because I cannot hide it anymore. I am madly in love with the most beautiful girl in the world: You!”.

:: “I take a sip of courage and a sip of sincerity to confess my feelings to you, because you are the most beautiful thing that has ever come into my life. Love you!”.Best tender love thoughts & messages for Girlfriend.#EternalLovePhrases

Ways to say “I Love You”.
to your girlfriend

:: “I send you a kiss flying far away, hoping it will reach your cheek and make you think of me as I think of you. Thank you for your love”.

:: “Once upon a time there was a man who had no faith in love but then he met an angel and now he is in love with her!”.

:: “The moon and the stars I cannot give you but my heart is yours alone and it will belong to you until the last breath I can take”.

:: “I am in love with you and your beauty. It is only one reason of many to love you. Please accept my feelings!”.Find I will adore you forever sweet mobile messages.#EternalLovePhrases

Cute messages
to declare your love

:: “I am knocking at your door and I ask you to let me in. I offer you all that I am to fill your days with happiness”.

:: “My goal in this life is that not a day goes by without making you smile. Thank you for your patience, love and devotion, you are one of a kind”.

:: “I love you with madness and passion, with the strength of the seas and the impetuous rhythm of my heart”.

:: “Meeting you was wonderful, I was enchanted by the way you are and after this time together, you have taken over my heart. I love you!”.

We are sure that these cute messages to declare your love will be the key piece to make her accept your feelings. Good luck!Best 'I love you' declarations for Him & Her.#EternalLovePhrases

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