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Men love to have the reputation of being hard-hearted and not to be swayed by romantic things, however, they actually love receiving nice love texts from their partners because it flatters them and makes them feel loved.

On the lines below we offer you a list of  Messenger love texts you can use to express to your boyfriend how much you love him, so feel free to use all the ones you like.

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:: “When I see you I am completely convinced that the love I feel for you is true. ”

:: “I have never felt anything so special for someone before; I am completely sure that you are the one for me.”

:: “My heart races because of the love I have for you and that is what I had always dreamed of. I love you, you are my prince charming. ”

:: “When I am by your side I feel a warm sensation that runs through my body and reaches the depths of my soul. ”

:: “I swear that I will love you for the rest of my life and that I will always try my best to give you nothing buy joy and make you very happy.”
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:: “So far I can still feel butterflies in my stomach every time you come to pick me up, this feeling you have awakened in me is something wonderful. ”

:: “I am fascinated by the glow there is in your eyes because I can tell that you love me like no one has ever loved me before. ”

:: “No matter what happens, I will always want to be with you because I will have no reason to continue living without your love. ”

:: “I am a very happy woman because I have your love and there is nothing that compares to this beautiful feeling. ”

:: “You love me and I love you, what more could we ask of life? Nothing else because being happy is all we have ever wanted. ”

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:: “I knew that one day you would fall in love with me, it was worth waiting because now I have you and your love all to myself. ”

:: “Our relationship began as a simple friendship and now we love each other even more than we had ever imagined. ”

:: “You are a man of few words, but that does not matter because you show me your great affection with your actions every day. ”

:: “Sadness is behind us now and in my soul there is only room for the love and happiness I feel when I am with you. ”

:: “I am madly in love with you and I never want to leave you because you are the best that has happened to me in my entire life. ”

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:: “Thinking about how much we love each other and on all the incredible things that await for us in the future is something amazing. ”

:: “I think that one lifetime will not be enough for me to show you the profound love I have for you in my heart. ”

:: “When I am by you side I am incredibly happy and that is why I have no doubt that you are the man for me. ”

:: “You are a lovely man because you give me your unconditional love and you do everything to see me happy. ”

You do not need to be an expert in poetry in order to express your feelings through words, you just have to visit our website, we always have many texts suitable for every moment of your life.
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Cute & romantic texts
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Sometimes a simple “I love you” is not enough to express your feelings to the man you love, but it is not always easy to find the right to communicate your feelings.

That is why on the next few lines we offer you a list of romantic texts you can use freely. Choose the texts you like most.

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:: “You have given me your heart and I will always take care of it because you are the most important person in my life. ”

:: “My darling, I promise that I will never let you down and that I will always give you my unconditional love. ”

:: “I love to go out with you and enjoy all the good things in this life. ”

:: “No one other than you can make me feel as happy and grateful to God for having placed you in my path. ”

:: “I will love you as far as my strength allows me to because you are the prince charming who I had always been looking for. ”

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:: “Only you can make even the saddest day turn into an amazing and happy day. ”

:: “I would like to live forever in order to give you all my love and if there is an afterlife, I would like to share it with you as well. ”

:: “I have told you a thousand times that I love you and I will always remember it to you because this feeling is real. ”

:: “When I met you I never imagined that one day I would fall in love so much with you, but it was inevitably because you have many virtues that I admire. ”

:: “You will never be able to imagine how much I love you because I myself cannot believe there can be a feeling as strong as this. ”

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:: “You are a handsome, intelligent and friendly man, you are perfect and just like I had imagined you in my dreams. ”

:: “Every moment with you is very special because there is no room for sadness or boredom. ”

:: “My heart starts racing every time I see your face, I cannot believe that I am the master of your love, it is something amazing. ”

:: “It is such a blessing to have your love, for I thought I would never find a perfect man for me. ”

:: “If all the other men were like you, all women would be very happy. But fortunately you are unique and that makes you special. ”

Romantic phrases
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:: “I would like to write a beautiful love poem to you, but words are not enough to describe all the beautiful feelings you wake up in my heart. ”

:: “You will always be the most important man in my life, I love you very much and I want you to be sure how I feel about you. ”

:: “You have many qualities that I admire, but what I like most is your personality, your simplicity and your humility. ”

:: “They say time ruins relationships, but it is a lie because as time goes by my love for you just keeps growing even more. ”

The man in your life will feel very excited after reading the romantic text you sent him, so come back soon for more! See you soon.

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