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Sweet love texts
for my GirlfriendGet best Whatsapp romantic messages

Looking for the best love texts for my Girlfriend , Whatsapp love text messages , Facebook love phrases , Instagram love cards ? .

For this reason, on the lines below we offer you very beautiful phrases to be able to satisfy your girlfriend and so everything comes to the peace you so much desire.

In case you cannot tell her these phrases looking into her eyes, you can send her a text message or write it in a piece of paper and give it to her.Best 'I love you' messages for Him & Her

Find sweet & romantic
text messages

:: “My heart was torn into pieces, but then I met you and you began to heal all the wounds it had from the past”.
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:: “I thought that I would never fall in love, but all it took was one look from you to have me surrendered at your feet”.
Category : Sweet love texts

:: “My beloved Princess, you are the best that I have in my life and I always take care of you because your heart is my greatest treasure”.
Category : Sweet love texts

:: “You are an angel that has come down from heaven to fill my heart with happiness and make me aware of the beautiful side of life”.
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Whatsapp love texts
for Girlfriend

:: “I always be thankful to God because he allowed me to get to know you and helped me win your heart”.
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:: “Even if you feel upset with me, you are still very beautiful, however you are even more beautiful when you smile at me tenderly. Forget your anger and hug me, baby”.
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:: “I did not want you to be angry with me like that, please forget about what happened. Let us make the most out of every moment we are together and let me tell you how much I love you”.
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:: “Are you still mad at me? I no longer remember what happened, today is our anniversary and we must make the most out of it my life”.
Category : Whatsapp love textsSweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

Messenger love texts
for Girlfriend

:: “I’m sure you are still upset about what happened, but it is time to reconcile and enjoy this time together, come here to hold you”.
Category : Messenger love texts

:: “I am so happy because I am with you. I hope you change your mood so you can smile and I can give you thousands of kisses, my love”.
Category : Messenger love texts

:: “Forgive me my love, I was very busy yesterday and I forgot to go to you, now you can ask me anything you want, and stop looking at me like, I want to eat you with kisses”.
Category : Messenger love texts

:: “I know you want to say many things to me, but first I want you to know that I did not want to hurt you. It was just a game and I apologize for it, now ask me whatever you want”.
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Romantic love phrases

:: “Every time you get angry with me and we do not say a single word to each other I feel the love between the two of us decreases, please let us end this fight and come here to hug me”.
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:: “I do not want to fight over silly things any more, I love you with all my heart and I want you by my side. Come with me my love and accept all my love”.
Category : Romantic love phrases

:: “Whenever I am not with you I feel we spend our time on nonsense. I want to get back with you again, please come to me so that we can be happy again”.
Category : Romantic love phrases

:: “I am so sorry for not answering your calls yesterday. My phone turned off because the battery died, I did not turn it off in purpose. That has never happened before so do not think bad of me, you know I love you with all my heart”.
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for cards

:: “You are witness that all this time I have been with you I have loved you so much and I never wanted to bother you, please let this pass and accept my reconciliation”.
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:: “You know that if you are not by my side I feel very sad. Please do not go my love because I will be left behind very sad. And forget about what happened, I do not know what to do without you”.
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:: “I want you to know how much I love you, but if you are angry I cannot express my love to you, come to me and let’s enjoy life together”.
Category : Love phrases for cards

:: “What do you want to do? Go out, travel, dance. Ask me whatever you want, you deserve it because I made you angry. I want to see you happy again”.
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:: “I see you mad at me and I know it is my fault. Forgive me my love, I love you so much I do not know what to do to look good again”.
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Romantic sayings for Her

:: “I know that sometimes we fight and that things are not rosy, but I think the good times that we have are good enough to overshadow any bad moments that we may have.

You give me the purest happiness I have ever experienced and marrying you was the best thing I could have ever done. Loving you is my all I ever want to do”.
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:: “When women get together, there are always complaints involved, that is a fact. However, when I get together with my girlfriends and I hear them complaining about their husbands, I stay silent, because I have nothing bad to say about you.

That makes me feel very lucky and happy, because I was fortunate to marry my best friend, my better half. You are everything to me”.
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We hope these messages help you make your girlfriend happy and so they bring you together again.Download best love messages with pictures for girlfriend

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