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There are times in which we do not think the same way that our boyfriend or we understand something in a way we are not supposed to, so in a relationship that can disturb our boyfriend. Do not worry because that usually happens and you just have to know how to act the right way so that problems do escalate.

In case you are facing a difficult situation with your boyfriend, is better that you apologize and let him know that you love him with all your heart, that is why we offer you some messages that can help you make your boyfriend stop being annoyed at you.

You know you can do it personally, or perhaps write it down in a piece of paper or even send it to him through a text message or a post in Facebook, you do not know how happy he will be to read such beautiful words written by you, and everything will return to normal.

Free list of messages for an angry boyfriend:

:: “I do not want you to still be upset with me. Please no longer remember what happened and let us use the time to spend it together my love”.
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:: “I am sure we are fretting in a fight that does not make sense, I just want to be with you and hold you a lot, you know I love you, let us talk, not fight”.
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:: “I want us to be calm and at peace. Have you ever heard that it is better to make love than war? So let us better love each other dearly”.
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:: “I know I made a mistake and I want you to forgive me and forget what happened. Come close to me and hold me”.
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:: “Everything we feel for each other cannot go down the drain just like that, so let us kiss as a sign of peace”.
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:: “You do not know how much I miss you, so please come back to me, so I can love you every moment of my life”.
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:: “I wonder if I am in your thoughts. If you are not angry any more. You do not know how it hurts to be without you, please come back to me”.
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:: “You do not know how much I love neither how much it hurts me to be away from you because we had that nonsense fight yesterday, please forget about your anger and return me, my love”.
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:: “I want to always be by your side, that you never leave my side, however now that you are upset you have left me and I do not like it so please come back and forgive me, my love”.
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:: “Every time I go to bed I am delighted to remember everything that we lived during the day. Today I have no picture of you because you were angry. Please forgive me and let us get back together”.
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:: “I cannot wait to hold me and kiss me like crazy, tell me you are not angry anymore and that you still love me. I miss you my love”.
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:: “You do not know how sorry I am in my heart because you are not with me. Come back and let us be one again, I love you”.
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:: “I am very sorry that you got angry at me. Come back to me and make me happy again”.
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:: “I adore you with all my soul, so forget about what happened and let us get back together”.
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:: “All I want is to have you near me. Let us forget about what happened and get back to love each other more and more”.
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Hopefully one of these phrases has served you so that your boyfriend is no longer mad at you.

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