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In our existence we cannot avoid going through melancholic and difficult situations such as, for example, the breakdown of a relationship, the death of someone whom we love, the disappointment we feel for something or someone, when something doesn’t come out as we wish, etc.

Any situation like this takes away our joy and fills us with sadness. What we have to understand is that, even though those situations may be really uncomfortable, they shouldn’t mark our lives.

Even if we feel hurt when something bad happens to us, life goes on and we have to learn to get up and go in search of better times. When bad things happen to us, it’s good for us to express what we feel. Here are some phrases of melancholy which you can use to communicate what’s happening to you on your WhatsApp. Use the ones that you like the most.

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:: “I’m sorry about my absence all these days, but the truth is that I felt desolate and even now I feel bad. It was necessary to have a moment to be able to recover my joy and this is why I decided to spend some time with my family; they needed me a lot, and I needed them as well. I’m sure that as time goes by I will feel better. Thank you for your comprehension”.

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:: “I always thought that it was impossible to feel so much pain for this, and even told my friends to ignore this situation and stop giving it so much attention, but in this moment I realize that going through what’s happening to me is very complicated. Even so, I will never give up and I’ll manage to go forward”.

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:: “I never thought that love could be so damaging. I still love him too much and I know that that’s the thing that doesn’t let me be in peace and causes me so much pain, since it still hurts to think of him. Even so, I’m sure that with time I’ll be able to forget him and I will be happy again”.
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:: “Today I feel very afflicted, because I could not achieve the objectives that I proposed to myself; all the effort my parents and I made were in vain. I feel down, but I know that I have to move forward, and I’m willing to try again and put all my effort to achieve what I want”.
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:: “By now the only thing I can do is getting rid of sadness by modifying several situations in my life like, for example, being alone for a while. Maybe I will come back at some point, but I don’t know yet, only time will tell. I’m really sorry, and I hope to see you soon”.
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:: “I feel very sad because I have discovered that many times people are not what they appeared to be. Life has disappointed me. I would like to hear some comments from your part, to help me and encourage me to move forward. I’ll be very thankful with you”.
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It’s true that we are going to feel sad, but as we said, things pass and we must learn to forget. You must not turn a negative experience in a keepsake that will burn forever, learn to forget and put aside what does not have importance, since bad memories often hurt us.

Leave aside what causes you pain and remember something that has made you happy; you will see how the melancholy disappears. We have to learn that life is not easy and we often have to go through painful experiences that make us suffer, however, we must not let them dominate our existence. The difficult moments aren’t permanent, and soon the good times will return. Good luck!

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