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Professionals of all careers are able to choose the path that conveys better living conditions and ensures their future in many ways.

Teachers are also part of this group of professionals who have every right to choose what they consider the better option for them.

However, for a good teacher, leaving his job also means leaving behind many students who appreciate him, and in those cases, goodbye words will always be a nice detail. On the next few lines we offer you a series of texts you can use as example.

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:: “Now that it is time to say goodbye, we want you to know how much we appreciate you, as you knew how to transmit all your knowledge, your desire to live and how to be better every day. If everyone in the world had the opportunity to have teachers like you, the world would change for sure. I hope we meet again sometime. We wish you the best”.
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:: “Goodbyes are always sad, but yours is not only sad, it is also full of good memories in which we were always accompanied by your good spirit despite the difficulties. You are an exemplary teacher and it will be very difficult to find a replacement for such great enthusiasm. It is a shame you have to leave us, but we are sure that we will enjoy once again your unique way of teaching”.
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:: “In life many things change and we get to meet many people, but only a few leave such a positive mark in so many students. The job of a teacher requires many skills and you have known show that you are more than able to handle all of them with ease. You are an example to follow, I congratulate you and wish you the best in your new job”.
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:: “I cannot believe that you managed to get so much affection from your students on the little time you were here with us. You earned the respect and admiration of those you knew how to captivate with your way of teaching. You leave being admired and we are sure you will succeed in everything you do in life”.
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:: “When a person has talent, it is inevitable to realize it, recognize it, cherish it and admire it. You are a good example of the kind of human beings we should be. You taught us with your own example the virtues that are worth strengthening and now that you are retiring everybody respects you and has a great affection for you. We are sure you will do well in life and lead the way for many other students”.
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Saying goodbye is not easy, and it is even harder when you have a high esteem for a person who has known how to guide you. We are confident that these texts will help you express how you feel to your teacher. Choose the one you feel most identified with and dedicate it in his farewell.

The best phrases for teachers

During our life we meet many people, some when we are very young, like our teachers, who accompany us during the first stages of our formative life.

Without a doubt, there are dedicated teachers who like their jobs and enjoy it, becoming not only agents of knowledge, but guides and counselors, in whom we can always trust. If you want to dedicate a nice text to a dear teacher, then on the next few lines we offer you some examples.

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:: “If it were not for the love you have for your profession, it would not have been possible to strengthen the great values with which I was formed at home. One does not often realize how crucial the dedication of teachers is to form kids with great aspirations. I appreciate every minute of the time you dedicate to teaching us”.
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:: “The time of year to commemorate the great nobility a teacher, his hard work, dedication and willingness to help many children and young people envision a better future has come. I hope your light always leads the way for many more students. Happy Teacher’s Day”.
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:: “Many have a teacher’s degrees, but none convey the joy you give us each class. It is clear that the way in which you transfer your wisdom is unique and very special, because it allows us to internalize the most important things in life. On this special day I want to remind you that I will always remember you with affection and admiration.
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:: “If all teachers were like you and gave so much of themselves into what they do, they would make the world a better place to live in. It was always clear for us that we are the future of the planet and that we have a great responsibility in our hands. That is why I admire and respect how well you treat us and the way in which you transmit your extensive knowledge. You will always be in my prayers, I wish you nothing but success”.
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:: “I have met many teachers during my short life, but you are the one who has always supported me not only in matters of the courses you taught, but also on emotional issues that I thought I would never overcome. Thanks to you I am where I am and I think I am on the right track to happiness. I hope I always remember your great lessons. Good luck”.
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:: “The solid base that backs up all of my knowledge is only possible thanks to the great lessons and contributions I received as a child. Now I know that I will never be able to forget your great lessons. I wish you the best and I know that in you I will always be able to find a great counselor”.
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We know that with these words you will be able to get to the heart of your beloved teacher and let him know how much you appreciate and respect him. Do not miss your chance to show how grateful you are for his great contribution to your life. Come back soon for more phrases.

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