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During our lives we can have many relationships, one after another, and still not find the love of our lives.

Disappointment can take over us, but we know deep down that one day we will find the right person for us. Others, on the contrary, get to know true love with their first relationships.

Anyway, the way in which love presents to each of us is very variable, it may cause us pain or give us eternal happiness. On the next few lines are some texts you can share on social networks.

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:: “What defines it is not yet clear, but there are some people that will not even leave their loneliness when they find another way. On the contrary, there are others who enjoy love every single day”.
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:: “There are always two paths in love, the happiness when it starts and the sadness when it ends”.
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:: “Everything in our lives depends on luck, including love, and that is the problems of the heart start”.
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:: “When you meet someone who appreciates you for who you are on the inside and not for what you show on the outside, then be sure you have met someone nice and that you will have a good experience”.
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:: “You must not confuse having no luck in love with the fact that you are always cranky, not wanting to talk to anyone. That will only push away anyone who may be interested in you.
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:: “Always remember that in the most difficult moments of your life you do not need to be alone, I will always be here for you”.
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:: “You are lucky to have found the person of your dreams, who makes you smile every day. Some of us do not have that privilege. Do not ever let that amazing and special person go”.
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:: “You need to feel lucky about the fact that the woman you love also loves you back. You have won over her heart and you should always respect it, protect it as if it were gold and never harm it”.
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:: “Life takes many turns and love shows you it’s both sides constantly. Falling in love is hard when you know that the end may be disappointing and difficult, but somehow we always end up embroiled in a love relationship. It is just about learning from mistakes in order to do better in the future”.
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:: “Some people can only dream about kissing the who drives them crazy, but I am lucky to have you and kiss your lips whenever I feel the need you create in my senses”.
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:: “Kissing is a way to communicate all that we do not know how to express with words, but our bodies cannot hide what we feel. Love is the reason why we want to express so much; you should always show your love for others”.
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With these texts you will let your family know that despite the fate of love is uncertain, experiencing love is the only way we have to be happy.

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A very common problem in couples is jealousy, it may come from either party or from both, but it will always have consequences in detriment to a good relationship. Jealousy on itself is good because, to some extent, it shows the interest and desire of one person to another, but if they are not controlled, they can lead to undesirable consequences.

To prevent this, it is important to strengthen the communication between the couple, especially a few love words so your girlfriend can be reminded that she is the only one in your life. On the next few lines we leave you some examples.

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:: “I have met many women in my life, but I never felt with any of them what I feel with you. I only ask you to trust me like before and realize that you are the only one in my life. Do not doubt it anymore, we are made for each other and nothing and no one will be able to separates us from each other”.
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:: “The positive part out of this whole situation would be the fact that you are so jealous that it shows me that you really care for me as a man, but if you keep being like this, the great love we feel for each other will diminish and there will soon be nothing left. I ask you to please trust me, I would not ruin this for anything in the world”.
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:: “You may see me surrounded of many women, but I want you to know that things with you are special and that there is nothing in them that calls my attention other than you and all the reasons why I like you and why I love you. Do not change your positive attitude towards life for a period of unjustified jealousy. I love you, be sure of that”.
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:: “We have been so much time together that I am surprised you are making a jealousy scene. But I do not take it the wrong way, on the contrary, the things we do demonstrate that our love is growing and getting stronger. I could not feel for any other woman what I feel for you. It is time you let that go now and receive a big kiss from me”.
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:: “Since our paths crossed I knew that the only woman that would make me happy would be you and I was right. Now I live very happy with you and I have not a single reason why I should let you or deceive you. I only ask you to believe in me and not be jealous because they only hurt you. I love you”.
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Rest assured that these texts will remind your girlfriend how much you love her and that there is no reason for her to be jealous. Tell her how much you love her with and the results will be positive, do not wait any longer and always remember that communication is the basis of all understanding.

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