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When you start a relationship, it is usual to ask God for it to be the last one, the real one and the one that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are several occasions when you cannot get what you want, usually because the couple cannot manage to understand each other, because they like different things or because they simply have had the upbringing that differs to the extent that they are incompatible.

At the end of our relationships, we feel that everything that happened was horrible and that we are most definitely a failure. However, the important thing right now is that we find the strength to move forward and to see the positive things that we have still got, we must bear in mind that if things did not go well there is a reason behind and that it makes no sense to move forward with something that has no head or tail and that is doing nothing but hurting us.

In these situations, the best company we can have is that of our friends, who have the power to encourage us and make us see the positive side of things. If you have a friend who is in this situation and you do not know what is the best way to support her, here we present you with a series of messages that you can use to cheer her up now that she is no longer with her boyfriend.

List of messages to friend who ended relationship:

:: “Friend of my heart, we’ve all been through this and I know that it is very difficult to find comfort, but I am asking you try to think that things happen for a reason and that, perhaps, if you had continued in this relationship you would have ended up even worse because as you told me, it was doing you a lot of damage. Keep in mind that things that begin in a bad way also end wrongly. Now you have to be well and continue to move on with your life. Your strength is your best feature and you’re very beautiful, so it won’t take long before someone is attracted to you, someone who gives you the place you deserve”.
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:: “Go ahead, do things that make you feel well. Get up and out of that bed, because tormenting yourself will not do any good to you. You’ll see how shortly you will be recovered and will value that now you are clamed and away from him. You are almost there; your real love will come and value you, go for it”.
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:: “Although you cannot see it right now, this is definitely the best thing that could have happened to you, he was just not good for you. I hope that now the joy and fun that used to characterize you come back, he only outshone you and he didn’t let you be who you really are. Soon someone will give you what you know you deserve, just be patient”.
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:: “My friend, sometimes when things go wrong, it is best to leave them behind. I want to congratulate you because you had the strength to recognize that things were not going smoothly and make a decision about it. Do not think you lost your time, rescue the teachings and move on. You were very wise and now things will start to improving. You have my support at all times”.
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:: “Honey, there’s nothing better than having the company of people who are worth of your time, so be better without him. I congratulate you sincerely for the decision that you have made, you deserve much better than that and I’m sure you will get it. When real love knocks on your door you will be ready to receive it with great fanfare, it will not delay.
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:: “I know my words may be a little hard on you, because it’s also hard to accept that our relationships have not worked. But I want you to know that if things went like that it was for a reason and now you must do whatever you can to overcome the situation. If you need me I’m on your side, I want to make you laugh and cheer you up, because what awaits you is wonderful”.
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It is important to know this because not all relationships end in the best way and it is best to end them if they are bad. Feel free to share this with your friends to cheer them up. Come back soon!

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