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There are 2 ways to be happy. The first is when each of us worry be happy, i.e., doing the things that make us happy, enjoy those things that make us lose the notion of time, bringing us a lot of satisfaction. The other type of joy is the one that we get when we love and are loved, the one that we enjoy with someone else, that being that occupies all our thoughts and makes us smile without us even noticing it.

Sadly, there are occasions in which we believe that we have found our soul mate, the person with whom we will share the rest of our lives with. But things don’t go as we thought they would and everything ends badly. They not only end the relationship, but they also find a new partner and it is quite complicated to deal with this subject.

In addition, it is even more complicated when we learned that, on top of having another couple, they have decided to unite their lives in marriage. Here we present you a series of messages that can be used if you see yourself in this situation and would like to deal with it. We hope it is helpful and that you can take advantage of it.

Here are some free samples of phrases to your ex-partner:

:: “The only thing left here is to wish you well and that your life is full. Thank you for all that we lived together”.
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:: “While I feel sadness after learning of your marriage, the truth is that I see you very well and happy, which is why I think that you will be very well in this new life. I sincerely hope that you go very well and that you find everything you were looking for”.
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:: “It is quite sad that the relationship that we had finished that way, the truth is that I still cannot explain what went wrong. The only thing that I can say is that my heart broke when I heard that you will get married, but don’t worry, because I do not plan to do anything to stop it. Everything is decided and I hope that it is better for you and that it is the best option, the one that makes you happy. I will continue trying to be fine, to find somewhere else what really makes me happy. Good luck”.
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:: “We promised each other a life together, a life shared in which reigned the happiness and love. Things might not have gone as expected. At the moment you’re walking down the aisle, coming closer to your destination and I, I am far away. I never stopped loving you and it breaks my heart to learn that all our opportunities together die today. Now I say goodbye, I hope that you know that you are still in my mind. May your life be good, I don’t want anything bad for you. Goodbye”.
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:: “It is very difficult not to question myself and thinking that everything could be otherwise, because we could be the ones who were on that altar, uniting our lives forever. I wouldn’t screw up your wedding, but I can hardly accept that things haven’t ended well for us, oppositely for what we expected and dreamt of. I suppose that at the end of the road you find the way of forgetting me and you look great. I hope that you do well and you know how to enjoy it to the fullest”.
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:: “It may be that what I am doing is selfish, however for me it would be worse to say nothing, stay silent while I see how you take the steps that take you away from me. Throughout life you will be the one for me and no matter what happens, I have you in my heart. If at any time you decide to return, I’ll be waiting because I love you”.
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In this type of situations we have to face many feelings and doubts that make us think if we took the right decisions. Would it be worth to keep fighting for something that has been terminated, or would it be better to strive to forget and start another life? If you have something that you want to tell your former partner that is getting married, I hope that these messages are helpful for you to express yourself and to say what you think.

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