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One of the most anticipated days of the year is, without a doubt, the New Year celebration. On this day we all evaluate things that we want to change or improve and we set goals for the year we are about to begin. Also, we take the opportunity to meet with people who we love the most, talking about everything, catching up, etc.

Here we brought you a series of statements and messages that you can use to share with those who are closest to you in such an important day as this and share with them your best wishes to start their year in the best possible way. Feel free to review them and choose your favorites.

Model of messages wishing happy new year:

:: “We have officially started with the countdown! Hope you have a lovely New Year eve, my friend. I know that the year that is about to start will do wonders with you, because you are a fighter who is always striving for the best. You’ll see that now all your efforts will bear fruit, I hope you are doing great.”
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:: “Finally the year has finished and there is nothing we can do about it. However, we face our thousands of options and opportunities that cannot be missed. It is in us the ability to decide what will happen; you just have to strive to make the right decisions. I hope your year is full of joy and love.”
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:: “Today all the past shall be forgotten, especially the bad things, because they are the ones that keep us from moving forward and growing up. Try to remember only the good stuff, what makes us great and comforts us, and may that be what prevails in this year we are about to begin. Celebrate in style because you deserve it, I send all my love to you.”
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:: “Although we are celebrating and we have every reason to be happy, I would not like to spend my New Year’s eve without sending you a message. I would like to share with you how good it was for me to meet you and I thank the Lord for it. May your year be wonderful and with many achievements.”
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:: “I feel like I can already hear the fireworks being prepared to welcome the New Year that is coming. I hope the next year is filled with changes, improvements and much happiness to you. Hope you’re celebrating in style. Happy New Year, my friend!”
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:: “Some people are celebrating with a large spread, also those who prefer to spend it praying or drinking and talking about their experiences. I like to be celebrating it with you, because our friendship is very special to me. Have a nice year and may your dreams come true.”
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:: “It is definitely a day like no other, no discomfort may move us away from the happiness we’re feeling. Let’s start with the countdown, for the best year is coming”.
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:: “Finally a new year has started and there are many people who are plotting new targets for their lives. Avoid storing your goals in your pocket, follow them and do what you must to achieve them. There is nothing better than accomplishing our dreams. Have a lucky and happy new year.”
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:: “The year has finally finished and unfortunately there are many things we did not do as we expected. Let’s avoid regret and set again the goals that we wish to achieve and could not. The key is to not let go the possibility of amending our mistakes, keep trying. May your new year be wonderful and I hope you are spending the celebrations in good company.”
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:: “In this new year you must have patience and good humor, do your tasks slowly and with affection. You’ll see that if you do so you will be able to reap all the good you’re planting. Gradually, hard work brings the rewards we deserve, do not despair, your turn will come to harvest. I hope your New Year celebration is great.”
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The cutest way to start the year is by the side of the people who we love the most. If, unfortunately, we cannot have them with us at the time, it is always a good idea to express them what we feel in some way or another. You’ll see that you will manage to make happy more than one. Come back soon to our website, for we are always updating it with much more free content, developed especially for you.

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message wishing happy new year, phrases wishing happy new year, text wishing happy new year, quotes wishing happy new year, dedications wishing happy new year

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