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condolences wordings, condolences greetings, condolences messagesBeautiful Christian messages to offer condolences

When you know someone personally, whether in your family or circle of friends, who is suffering the sad death of someone, is when he or she needs your encouragement and your condolences to get over that sad loss. When a person dies it always saddens us and those around us, which is why it is very important to have the support from friends and loved ones.

Do you want to know how to express Christian phrases to offer condolences? We present in this section a list of Christian phrases to offer condolences. Use the one you like the most and dedicate it to the person that is going through a difficult stage of his life, we assure you that you will help him a lot.

Free list of nice Christian messages to offer condolences:

:: “We know it is a very hard time, which will be difficult to erase from your mind, we grieve the death of your much esteemed father in such unfortunate circumstances, that’s why I give my deepest sympathy, now he is next to God”.
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:: “You may think that life was unfair to take your daughter from your side, but what happened and what God had planned from the beginning. While she was alive she gave you joyful moments, now she will take care of your spirit and your family from heaven, my deepest condolences”.
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:: “I was stunned when I got noticed of the death of your brother, I guess you must be torn up inside, I offer my deepest condolences for such sad news. I will pray for the spirit of your brother”.
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:: “It is God who gives life and death, in this sad moment I offer my full support and all the help you need and I hope I can help you to find comfort. You must pray for God to help us to redirect this painful loss”.
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:: “I offer you my deepest condolences for your dear mother’s death. She was a wonderful person whom you adored and so we loved. This invaluable loss, can only get over by praying to God. I’m so sorry”.
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:: “Knowing that we will not talk to that special person physically again, causes much sadness and suffering in our hearts and makes us shed tears for such sadness. Dear friend you have to have courage, ask God to help you to get the strength you need and go your way, my deepest condolences”.
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:: “When we lose someone important in our lives, it shatters our heart in pieces. You are a very strong person, I’m sure heaven will help you to be able to handle the death of your uncle, my most sincere condolences”.
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:: “Although your wife is not with you any longer, she is in heaven now and she always will care for you and your family, my deepest condolences”.
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These Christian quotes to offer condolences will be useful for you to share encourage words with those people who are passing sad moments.

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