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Cute birthday wishes
for friendsSend best happy birthday greetings by whatsapp

When sharing beautiful birthday congratulation phrases, the originality counts a lot, but also the feelings you can express.

Perhaps it is not easy for you to find the right words to compose sweet Happy Birthday messages, so we come to your aid with this section that will be very useful.

Take the freedom to use any of the precious Happy Birthday dedications that we bring to you, through them you can express your most sincere feelings.

Cute birthday messages – what to write on a card?

:: “You are an irreplaceable person in my life, and nobody can ever take your place. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “Happy Birthday! Even if the sun stops illuminating us, our friendship will never cease to exist”.
:: “With great people like you in my life there are always plenty of reasons to find happiness. I wish you a very Happy Birthday from my heart!”.
:: “Although we don’t talk every day I always think about you and I have you very present. Receive this greeting with my most sincere congratulations on your birthday”.
:: “What a great fortune we have all those people who know you because you are a blessing in our lives. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.Short and long best birthday wishes for friends

Happy birthday my love best greetings

:: “Congratulations on your birthday! Any gift I can give you won’t be enough compared to that great gift that is to enjoy your company in my life”.
:: “You are like a brother to me, you always care about my well-being and you have encouragement words at the right time. With all my gratitude I send you my best wishes you on your birthday!”.
:: “May God give me the joy of being able to celebrate many more of your birthdays. Many congratulations!”.
:: “Your birthday is a lucky day for this world because you are one of those people who tip the scales for the good of humanity. Congratulations!”.
:: “Congratulations on your birthday! I wish all your dreams cease to be just dreams to become reality”.

Best birthday love messages for Messenger

:: “Continue with that kindness, generosity and charisma that have always characterized you. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “When you blow out the candles on your cake, don’t just ask for one wish, ask all you want because you deserve all to be fulfilled. Happy Birthday!”.
:: “With all my heart I ask you not to change that formidable way of being that you have and that makes you so unique. Thousands of congratulations on your special day!”.
:: “My heart is full of gratitude to you since I met you, so on this day I wish you the best that life can give you. Happy Birthday!”.
:: “Since I met you, you demonstrated your quality of person, you always give your best to those around you. Receive a huge hug for your birthday!”.cute birthday messages - what to write on a card?

Birthday love messages for your beloved friends

:: “It is not enough if I tell you that you are one of my best friends because you are really the best one. Enjoy a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “A number cannot define your age because you are as young as you feel inside your heart. Celebrate a great birthday!”.
:: “How difficult it is to be able to find a friendship as sincere as you, that’s why the arrival of this day fills me with great joy. I wish you many congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “I hope you like this little detail that I give you to thank you for all those great memories you have given me during this year of your life. Happy Birthday!”.
:: “Don’t stop learning new things, discovering your talents and finding different ways to be happy in life. I wish you the best of birthdays!”.

Unique cute birthday wishes for my friends

:: “I know you very well and I know that your eyes will shine much more than the candles on your cake because you will have a very Happy Birthday. God bless you!”.
:: “What a great joy it is to travel the paths of life with a good company like you are. I wish you a Happy Birthday from my heart!”.
:: “Despite the ups and downs that every day brings us, this has been a great year and I know that the next one will be even better. Have a lot of congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “Your heart is full of illusions and desires that will gradually come true. Go ahead with enthusiasm and have a very Happy Birthday”.

Respond to all notifications you receive on social networks by sending nice Happy Birthday greetings like the ones we offer you today. Do not forget to visit us every time you want to dedicate beautiful birthday texts.Find best happy birthday my love best wishes

Best happy birthday
quotes for friends

We all love receiving the attention of others so we like our birthday celebration so much, but we must also be ready to share beautiful birthday dedications when it is the turn of our loved ones.

You are wrong if you think it is not easy to find original Happy Birthday words to dedicate because we are here to help you.

Make your sincere Happy Birthday greetings the most beautiful and original, so choose those that are a faithful representation of your personality.

Love birthday messages to wish that special someone

:: “Every New Year of life brings great experiences and thousands of moments to share with your loved ones. Happy Birthday dear friend!”.
:: “Make the youth that radiates your heart manifest in a great smile. I wish you all the happiness in the world on your birthday!”.
:: “Your whole life is an example to follow, so you deserve a lot of good things to happen to you. Receive a big hug and best wishes on your birthday”.
:: “Get ready to welcome a New Year in your life, a year that will be full of great opportunities, much success, joys and love. Congratulations!”.
:: “I send my best wishes to you on this day and the following ones. Have a nice birthday!”.Best birthday love messages for Messenger

Download best birthday text messages & images

:: “Congratulations to you on this wonderful day, may God grant you more years of life and success in everything you do”.
:: “Happy Birthday! Enjoy this day to the fullest surrounded by all your loved ones”.
:: “Thousands of congratulations on your birthday. I wish your dreams come true and always keep that beautiful smile”.
:: “Happy Birthday to you! It’s a day to dance, toast and laugh, have a great time and remember it forever”.
:: “I wish you the best of birthdays, May you receive many surprises, greetings and gifts”.

Get short best birthday wishes for friends

:: “It’s your birthday and I wish to express my best wishes because you are a great person. I send you many blessings!”.
:: “Celebrate on this day because life gives you one more year. May you have a lot of health, well-being and, above all, abundant love”.
:: “I miss you so much more on a day like today, that’s why I send you all my love with these sincere words of congratulations. Have a wonderful birthday!”.
:: “Each candle on your cake has a very special meaning: a year of happy moments, great achievements and unforgettable experiences. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “ Welcome a New Year of your life in the company of those you most love and ask for many wishes that will come true. Congratulations!”.Unique cute birthday wishes for my friends

Send best happy birthday greetings by Messenger

:: “Keep going through life with that magnificent sense of humor and with that selfless desire to help others because you will receive great rewards. Congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “With much affection I greet you on this day and I ask heaven you would receive many blessings. Happy Birthday!”.
:: “Congratulations to you! Today is your birthday and I hope you also meet your goals so you can get as far as you dream”.
:: “Thousands of congratulations! May in this New Year of life you do not lack reasons to smile and that all your desires get true”.
:: “Happy Birthday! May on this special day you receive many greetings and gifts and May a shower of blessings come into your life”.

Find best happy birthday my love best wishes

:: “Thousands of congratulations on this day. May prosperity accompany you throughout your life”.
:: “I wish you a Happy Birthday and may love and success be your day companions. Congratulations!”.
:: “Happy Birthday! Have a beautiful day and may you reap everything you sow with love every day”.
:: “It is my greatest wish to share this day with you because you are the best friend that life has given me. Have a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “I never imagined that life would give me the opportunity to meet a person as wonderful as you. From the bottom of my heart I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “You are an original and very funny person, at your side life is beautiful. With gratitude in my heart I congratulate you on your birthday!”.

Who said sharing beautiful Happy Birthday phrases doesn’t count as a gift? It is a demonstration of our feelings and the love we have for that special person.

Continue to dedicate the most beautiful birthday congratulations that we offer you on this website.Love birthday messages to wish that special someone

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