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Christmas SMS, Christmas texts, christmas thoughtsThe best Christmas messages to update your Facebook

One of the most anticipated celebrations throughout the year is Christmas that is the reason why since the end of November you can begins to feel the Christmas spirit in all the cities: decorations, illumination and the traditional Christmas trees begin to appear and also the Christmas campaign.

When we are a few days or even a few hours for Christmas, all the people start sending Christmas greetings to their loved ones, especially if they are away from them.

If you want to wish the best to your closest friends and family for the coming of Christmas, feel free to use any of the messages we offer you below to update your profile on Facebook or post them on the Facebook wall of your contacts. You will see that they will like them very much and they will be very grateful to you.

Free list of Christmas messages for Facebook:

:: “There is almost no time left until we will welcome baby Jesus, so get ready to receive him with sincerity and humility to be able to feel the tranquility and hope that Christmas brings. We wish you all the best”.
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:: “ There are only a few minutes left before Christmas and there is nothing better than being together as a family sharing moments of joy and happiness. May you have a merry Christmas”.
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:: “ For a moment you should stop worrying about the things of the world and let hope, love and kindness enter your heart, so that you can share it with those who want more of a happy Christmas”.
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:: “ Share this message if you consider that most important thing of Christmas is sharing time and special moments with your family and giving the best of ourselves to our loved ones. Merry Christmas to all”.
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:: “When the clock strikes twelve o’clock we will embrace to wish each other a Christmas filled with much happiness, specially to all my closest friends and family, and to those who will not be present, I send my most sincere greetings and a warm embrace. Have a merry Christmas”.
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:: “Even if it is not possible to have the whole family together, I know our hearts are united in purpose and that we will celebrate a happy Christmas in our homes Merry Christmas to all”.
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:: “ It is almost Christmas Eve and there is nothing more exciting than sharing the gifts that are really valuable: the company, the love and the joy of being together with your family receiving baby Jesus. I wish you can have a merry Christmas with your loved ones”.
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:: “We will soon be celebrating the arrival of Christmas and more important than dinner and the gifts that we receive is the opportunity we have to offer our love and affection to our loved ones. We wish you all the best for this Christmas”.
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:: “I feel a lot of excitement because Christmas will soon be here and we are going to welcome baby Jesus, who will bring moments full of hope for a brighter future, where everything will be better and we will be able to live in peace with our loved ones. Have a merry Christmas”.
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Do not forget to share these Christmas messages with all your loved ones and closest friends, you will be sending them your best wishes and they will be very happy to receive them.

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