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December 25 is about to arrive and we all desire to express our Christmas greetings to make them know to our loved ones that we wish them the best. Many of us have far someone of our family or our friends and for this reason we can’t regard them personally.

However we can send them regards using the technology that we have in this time. By our mobile we can send Christmas messages.

In this opportunity we will show you a list with Christmas congratulations that you can send by your mobile. Take a look and choose what you like the most.

Free list of Christmas thoughts for cell phones:

– “I hope in this Christmas you and your family be much blessed. I send you this salute from the deepest of my heart. Happy holidays dear friend!”
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– “In this Christmas time we must to give forgiveness instead of gifts and better than have dinner is feed our soul with good actions. I wish you all a beautiful Christmas eve.”
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– “Every Christmas is different, however always must reign the harmony in our homes and we must to show love to the others. Spend a wonderful Christmas eve!”
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– “I hope you have a nice Christmas Eve and in the company of all the people you love remind the big love that God feels for all of us. Much happiness!”
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– “I write you these lines to greet you in these wonderful holidays for the end of the year. I hope that this time be a time of meditation, love and union. Have a beautiful and happy Christmas!”
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– “I hope in this Christmas time your life be enlighten and at the side of your family enjoy of wonderful moments celebrating the birth of the Savior.”
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– “Dear sister, I send you this greeting waiting that you spend a wonderful Christmas and the magic of this date be with you during all the year. Congratulations!”
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– “My friend, in this day I wish you much happiness. I ask to the child God that always blesses your family. I love you much, spend a beautiful Christmas eve.”
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– “I hope that all be good for you, don’t forget that we are your partners and we keep you in our minds. We thank you for all the moments that we have enjoyed together and despite of this Christmas you are not with us we wish you much happiness.”
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– “Loved daughter, I had to update myself with so many technological advances and for that I send you this message to wish you the best and to greet your family. You are invited to spend the Christmas eve in our home. We love you much.”
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– “Dear daddy, in spite of you are far, I want to say you that I wish you the best in this Christmas. At midnight we will have you in our thoughts because we love you much. Spend a nice Christmas!”
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– “Dear cousin, I ask God that always enlightens you and helps you to make true all your dreams. I hope this celebration be a time of love and kindness. I send you a warm hug at the distance. I wish you the best in this Christmas eve.”
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We hope that these Christmas greetings have been to your liking and dedicate them to all your loved beings by your mobile.

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