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Heartfelt get well soon messages
for friends

Get well wishes: what to write in a get well card
When we find out that one of our friends is going through health problems the first thing that comes to our mind is sending to get well soon messages for a friend.

It is proven that nothing helps a person to recover more than having a good attitude so by sending nice words wishing the recovery of a friend you will help him.

But what words exactly to use? Below you can find some great dedications to share with a friend who is sick.

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text messages

:: “I am sending you this message so that you know that you are in my prayers and that I support you in your recovery, encourage and take good care of yourself”.

:: “Dear friend, I hope you feel much better. I want you to know that I wish your speedy recovery to see you again with that great smile you have always had”.

:: “I send you a big hug and this message to encourage you. Don’t forget that you are a very strong and brave person and that you will be victorious”.

:: “There is nothing like an optimistic attitude and the company of good friends to feel better. My friend, get well soon!”.

:: “We miss you very much and look forward to the day of your return. At the moment take care of yourself so that you recover quickly. We want you back!”.

:: “Right now you are giving a good fight and I want you to know that you can count on me for whatever you need. I want to see you in good health soon!”.
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Get well soon text messages
for friends

:: “I ask God a lot for your speedy recovery and I ask you to take good care of yourself and to follow your doctor’s recommendations. Cheer up, you’ll be out of this soon!”.

:: “You cannot imagine how much you have lacked us, it is that you always have an optimistic attitude that is very contagious. We wish you a speedy recovery, God bless you!”.

:: “I know you very well and I know that it is not easy for you to rest, but it is for your health, you have to recover soon. My friend, don’t forget to keep your spirits up!”.

:: “They say that the best medicine is happiness, so as soon as possible I will come to see you to have a good time and thus help you heal faster. Take care!”.

:: “I have always admired you for being a very strong person and in good spirits, so I have no doubt that soon you will be like new. May God bless you in good health!”.

:: “I have seen you overcome many difficulties and I do not doubt that you will also come out of this with totally recovered. My friend, I send you a big hug!”.
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Best get well soon messages
for friends

:: “You are going through a delicate situation, but I know your strength and I know that you can emerge triumphant. Take good care of yourself and never give up!”.

:: “You have a great heart, you are a very generous person and I have no doubt that God will bless you with your recovery. I wish you much encouragement!”.

:: “I send you this greeting along with my best vibes because I want to see you soon with good health and a big smile on your face. Take care!”.

:: “My friend, you are not alone in this, your loved ones support you and also us, your good friends who send you many hugs and kisses. May you recover soon!”.

:: “All this time you have worked very hard, so you have plenty of reasons to rest while you recover. May God bless you and may you get better very soon!”.

:: “We all want you back very soon, so pay attention to what your doctor tells you, take good care of yourself and above all , cheer up!. Receive a big hug!”.

My friend I wish you a
speedy recovery wordings

:: “For a person as active as you it’s not easy to rest, but try to relax and everything will be fine very quickly. Rest and I wish you a speedy recovery!”.

:: “I greatly admire the courage with which you face this situation, you are a very warrior person and I know that you will win. I send you a huge hug and my best wishes”.

:: “Many times you have been by my side taking care of me and encouraging me, now it is my turn to do the same for you. My good friend, you can count on me for whatever you need!”.Best get well soon messages for him

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a fast recovery phrases

:: “You don’t know how much I miss you, my dear friend, but I am glad to know that you are recovering yourself and that you are in good spirits. Keep going so we’ll see you soon!”.

:: “As soon as I found out what had happened, I became very concerned, but I am relieved to hear of your progress. Never give up, you will see that very soon you will be like new. Cheer up!”.

:: “My good friend, you are a warrior and you are going to get out of all this. I wish you well and I send you a big hug!”.

:: “A lot of strength and courage, I know it is not easy, but stay in good spirits so that you can fully recover soon. Blessings!”.

Best get well soon messages
and quotes

:: “Life has given you great challenges and I have seen how you have been able to overcome them all and this will be one more battle that you will win. Much encouragement, my friend!”.

:: “I miss you so much and I miss sharing so many pleasant moments with you, that’s why I send you this greeting wishing you get well soon. Take care!”.

:: “This is one more test that life gives you, you must have a lot of faith, follow your treatment to the letter and you will see that you will get better. God bless you!”.

:: “In these moments of adversity you know that you have the support of all the people who love you and that look after your health. Cheer up!”.
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Get well quotes &
wishes for speedy recovery

:: “I am going to take care of making you smile and spend very pleasant moments so that your recovery is faster. I love you so much and I wish you the best!”.

:: “My best friend in the whole world is fighting a hard battle and I am very proud to see his improvement. Keep going, soon all will be over!”.

:: “If I put myself in your shoes for a moment I don’t think I would be able to bear that much, but you are a very strong woman and I know you will. Get well soon!”.

:: “Receiving news and hearing about your good progress makes me very happy. From here I send you a big hug and my best wishes for your speedy recovery”.

:: “I was shocked when I found out what happened to you, but now I breath relieved when I see you so recovered. Keep up your good cheer and God will bless you!”.

:: “You are stronger than any disease and illness, so when I think of your future I can only imagine you with a big smile and full of energy. Take care!”.

:: “Once again I repeat that you have my support and that I wish your speedy recovery with all the strength of my heart. Keep fighting a good battle that you’ll be fine soon!”.
Get well quotes & wishes for speedy recovery

What to write in a get well soon messages
after surgery card

:: “Your courage and your determination are truly worthy of admiration, you are a great example to follow and I have no doubt that very soon we will have you back with your energies recharged”.

:: “I send you lots of kisses and hugs and my best wishes so that very soon you can regain your health and be able to do the things you love so much. You are in my prayers!”.

:: “Just imagine all the things that you will do again very soon and you will realize that you will be filled with much encouragement, when you least expect it you will regain health. I love you!”.

:: “This experience that you have had to live will make you much stronger and you will see that all this will soon pass”.

:: “My dear friend, every night I pray for your recovery, you just have to be patient and be strict with the treatment you must follow. God bless you!”.

Best sweet get well soon
messages to my friend

:: “Today you are in poor health, but I assure you that this will pass soon, in the meantime you must take care of yourself and be strict with your controls and evaluations. I love you friend!”.

:: “This disease will only become a memory when your loved ones supported you more than ever. Much encouragement!”.

:: “I feel that soon you will receive good news about your health, just be persistent and follow all the medical indications so that you heal completely”.

:: “My good friend, I knew that you are feeling a little bad and I want you to know that you are in my prayers. I hope you get better soon!”.

:: “It is a hard test for you and your family this disease that you face, but do not stop fighting because everything will turn out well. A hug for you!”.

:: “I have always recognized in you the brave spirit you have; you are going to get ahead and overcome this sickness. Trust God and the angels who care for you!”.

:: “I hope that soon you will heal and your health will be restored, I will visit you in the next days, I promise you. Much strength and May the Lord always bless you!”.

You will earn the gratitude of that person to whom you are going to send cute messages to wish a speedy recovery. If you wish, you can also visit our other sections so that you can publish original friendship reflections.Get well wishes: what to write in a get well card
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