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When a relationship ends, it often has consequences for the ex-couple. This break can potentially cause a deep depression where the person thinks his life has no meaning if it’s not next to the loved one, the obsession can reach the point that it is impossible to stop thinking about the ex-partner and creates a feeling of distrust and fear within them, which will not allow him or her to form a new relationship.

If this is your case or maybe one of your friends is passing through this, you can use one of the phrases that we show you to send it by SMS or post it on her Facebook wall so you can help her to pass this bad time. Remember that the most important thing in this world is to be optimistic and eager to live.

Free phrases to encourage a friend defeated in love:

:: “Crossing a defeat in love is a very hard, at this moment you must be feeling very confused, but remember that things happen for a reason, and that God never puts obstacles in the way that you cannot overcome. You must put all your strength to get up and move on, I assure you that when you recover you will remember these moments as an anecdote”.
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:: “I keep thinking about you and how bad it must be for you to going through right now. I can tell you much about love and breaking cases for you to recover you quiet. But I know you are strong enough to forget everything and move on without any excuse. In love, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, so when you recover completely you will see that you will find someone who really appreciates you and fill your life with happiness”.
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:: “You know you have my full support to overcome the disappointment you have suffered, I’m sorry if I ever treat you very cold but the reason is because love has its painful side. It’s important for you to know that it will take time for you to recover completely, but when it happens you only will have vague memories of everything that has happened. Love is like that, sometimes brings joys and sometimes sadness, but life goes on and you cannot stay behind. Cheer up and do not let this small obstacle get sad someone as beautiful as you. Count on me for anything you need”.
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:: “It’s not fair that someone as good as you are going through such a hard time for a disappointment, remember that the world will end. Stay calm and always keep a positive mind. He’ll be the right person to make you feel how valuable you are and that everything that happened was not in vain. Bad experiences always leave a lot of pain but with the passage of time it is transformed into experience that will make you a stronger person”.
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You can dedicate one of these phrases to your loved ones, who are passing through a defeat in love, remember that true friendship is present at any moment and especially during difficult times.

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