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Love is that wonderful feeling that makes us see our world through different eyes, so when we receive small details but sincere love of our partner it may brighten our hearts.

If you want to surprise your partner at the beginning of a new day for giving some encouragement and make her day wonderful where everything will go well, you can make some nice lines loaded with all your love.

In this section we bring you a list of short poems to wish good morning to your partner in a new way she surely will love.

Free list of nice love poems:

:: “To you I give all my heart and all my soul
To you I give the deepest thoughts of being
I am yours and you are mine
You are the joy of my love”.
Category :love poems
:: “The sun shines with great radiance
Birds sing with loud cries
Your sweet eyes open to the world
And your beauty leaves me speechless “
Category :love poems
:: “A beautiful blue color covers the sky
Soft clouds amaze our eyes
This morning your love is what I feel most
And so now I would like to have your kisses”.
Category :love poems
:: “A new day begins,
The sun lights up our lives
And my heart misses your beauty
And the tenderness of your touch”.
Category :love poems
:: “A new day has begun
A new chance to live our lives
My heart beats for love spell
And the sweet kisses you give me”.
Category :love poems
:: “A beautiful and radiant sun
Glow in the sky of the new day
But nothing compared to the brightness and warmth
In your love, your beauty and your being”.
Category :love poems
:: “Awake my beautiful Princess
Open your eyes beautiful as the sea
Rejoice my soul with the singing of your love
And the tenderness of your kind words”.
Category :love poems
:: “There is no better day than that which I am by your side
I can be walking on your hands
You feel happy
To live our wonderful love”.
Category :love poems
:: “My happiest days, my most precious
They are those who share your side
And I give you my heart to have your love
And enjoy the joy of our relationship”.
Category :love poems
:: “In my dreams you came to me
And took me to enjoy a fantasy world
But I could tell awakening
That truth would come to make my dream come true”
Category :love poems
:: “Hello love of my life
You sleep comfortably and peacefully
But don’t fear to get up to get a new day
Because there I am waiting for you”.
Category :love poems
:: “Good morning my beautiful Princess
Today is a beautiful new day
In which you and I will see us again
To experience the joy of our love”.
Category :love poems
:: “It’s a new day
The stars and hid
I hope this morning
Our love is on our side”.
Category :love poems

Share with your partner one of these short poems to say good morning and brighten his or her morning. You will see that he/she will love and thank you for your details.

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