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Paris tours & things to do in Paris :

Those who know say that after visiting Paris you can rest in peace, as there is so much to see: modern monuments from the Eiffel Tower to the great museums and art galleries.

Do not forget about its bars, restaurants and cafes, which represent the best of French cuisine, considered among the best in the world. And it goes without saying, great department stores where you find all sorts of things, as well as designer stores. In brief, Paris is a city with various sides: it is bohemian, it is cultural, it is historic, it is modern, all of which makes it a tourist destination par excellence.

But what is the ideal amount of time for touring Paris? This is a question for many travelers. However, it must be noted that there is no ideal amount of time to visit Paris. Programming a tourist route in Paris depends on the money you have: the more money, the more time. So we will now give you some important tips to enjoy your sojourn.

Arriving in Paris from anywhere in the world is possible because of existing access conditions, such as trains (only Europe) and airplanes. The increasing amount of flights and the emergence of low-cost airlines inside Europe have brought about the well know “cheap flights”., which on their part have influenced the traditional airlines to cut their prices.

These deals are now available for anybody interested in travelling to Paris just by searching on the web for information. There are online sites dedicated to broadcasting cheap ticket and flight deals. allows a comparative search among low cost airlines, booking and purchasing, from an origin to a destination (Paris airport). Now you may select the hotel, and so we will search the Internet for low priced hotels, forfeiting comfort for low prices.

There are also online sites which help book and buy your lodging service on line.
Click on the hotels option; enter Paris, the sojourn dates and the number of people, and the results for the Paris metropolitan area are:
Available Hotels in Metropolitan Paris
Stars Nº Price Range
1 9 From 56 dollars
2 100 From 53 dollars
3 264 From 56 dollars
4 108 From 74 dollars
5 5 From 88
Total 486

Other web pages are:

Defining the adequate tourist route depends on the planned amount of time we have to visit Paris. We will look at some routes in Paris that will let you enjoy this tourist destination.

One route can start at the Eiffel Tower, the most important monument in Paris and 274 meters high. This is always the first place to go, because you can see the city from it. Taking a boat in the river Seine also helps you appreciate the Parisian charm. All this on just the first day.

On the second day, your best choice is to take the metro to go to the Champs-Élysées and walk through it, and so you can visit its diverse restaurants and reach the Arc de Triomphe.

On the third day you can visit Place de la Concorde with its Egyptian obelisk and from there to the Tuileries Garden and to the world’s most famous museum, the Louvre. On the fourth you can visit the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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