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Searching for short and long best birthday wishes for friends,cute birthday messages – what to write on a card?,Sometimes you may feel as if your good friends are only there for you on sad or difficult times, but it is not like that, good friends are always there with you.

We need someone to ask us how we are feeling or to give us a word of encouragement, and that should be every day, not only on the day of our birthday, whether we celebrate it or not.

Because of that, you should also show other people how much you care for them through a cute friendship text.

To do so, choose the text you like most from the examples we offer you on the lines below, we assure you that anyone will love the nice gesture.Love birthday messages to wish that special someone

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– “I just hope that you have a lot of fun on your birthday, that you are happy and that you smile a lot, that will make me very happy.

I feel blessed because I have you by my side, we have never been apart for a single birthday and this time will be no different, since we have so much fun together, just the two of us. I want you to do great in everything you plan, since you are already admirable and the best person I know. Happy birthday, dear friend. “
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– “I hope you have a great day along with all your loved ones because at night you are all ours. I know you have received many surprises and gifts all day at work so I imagine you had a spectacular time, but we still need to get together to laugh at life as we always do. I feel very happy for you dear friend. Happy birthday, you are my best friend. “
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– “There is no gift to show all the appreciation I have for you. You are always in my mind, when we were little we spent the whole day laughing, we did not care for anything.

I know we both took different paths in life, but it never change the way we show our friendship to each other, this feeling that unites us is for life. Happy birthday my friend. “
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– “You are indeed a sincere friend, you are always there for me no matter what, you are by my side even when I could make you sick because of something contagious, you are there giving me a hand so that I never fall.

I would like you to also consider me as your faithful friend, given that you are that to me. “
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– “It makes me so happy to be celebrating your birthday with you. For me every single day I get to spend with you is like a holiday when since you are my best friend and by your side everything is happiness.

I wish our Lord blesses you always and enlightens your way. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday dear friend. “
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Always value true friendship as it does not come very often in life, take care of it and make it grow every day. Do not forget to send one of these texts, it will make your friend very happy.Download sweet text messages for birthdays

Birthday texts messages
for my girlfriend

Dedicating a few texts to your loved one is a very important detail, especially if you do it on a special day.

That is why on the next few lines we offer you a list of beautiful texts you can send to your loved on his or her birthday to make his or her day even better.

With these original birthday texts full of love and good vibes you are going to make that person even happier.Send best happy birthday wishes by text message

Find best happy birthday my love best wishes

– “There is nothing in this world that would make me forget about your birthday. You are someone very special to me and I hope only good things happen to you, but on this special day I want you to be completely happy. Happy day! “
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– “There are so many people who love you, including me, that it is very difficult for all of us to be in your house at once.

That is why I send you this text to wish the very best of this world despite I am away. I hope you have a nice day and that you enjoy the company of all the people who love you most. I send you a very big hug.Happy day!! “
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– “Today is not any day, it is a very special day as today is the day of your birthday, the day you were born, so this date is very important for all of those who love you very much.

I hope you enjoy today with all your strength and that you get to celebrate it with the people you love. I love you. Happy day! “
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– “I would love to be by your side right now in order to celebrate this special day together. You know that I love you very much and that I will always wish you the best.

I promise to be by your side next year and celebrate nonstop. Happy day!! “
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– “I wish I could express how happy I feel and I want to transmit that to you, because you are a wonderful person and you know how much I love you. I send you a big hug and greetings from all your friends. Have a great time today. Happy day!! “
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– “May God bless you on this very special day. Celebrate it with the people who love you most and have a blast.

Even if I am away, I send you all my love and good vibes, you know that even though we cannot spend this day together, you are always present in my heart. Happy day!, dear nephew! “
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– “It is amazing how fast life goes by, you are already celebrating another year of life. I hope you celebrate your birthday big time and with the people who love you most.

Despite I cannot be by your side this year as I have always been, I want you to know that you are always present in my heart and that I will never forget a day as special as this. Have a great time, deat friend. Happy day!! “
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We are sure that these texts will help you cheer up and make the birthday person feel very happy.Super sweet birthday love messages for friends

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