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When an important person for us dies, we felt really heartbroken and confused, thinking of many things and there is nothing that can make us feel better. On the other hand, it is also a time, in which it is valued to count with the company of our loved ones, providing a positive message that helps people to have the strength they need and find a little bit of calm within the storm that they are facing.

No matter how difficult or complicated it may be, it will be necessary to have the ability to express your gratitude by the company that you were provided with. We have an idea of how difficult it is to find the right words to thank, considering everything that’s going on, so we’ve created a series of messages that can help you do it in the best possible way. Thank those people who were with you to help you through this difficult time, do it on Facebook so it will not be so difficult for you.

Free list phrases to express condolences via facebook:

:: “I greatly thank all of those who have somehow found the time in their day to keep me company and that have given me strength. It is very difficult to accept that someone we love is no longer with us, and the only thing left is to trust that the Lord will keep them in His holy glory. Thank you again for all your love, please pray for us to find calm within this new reality we are facing”.
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:: “As all of you probably already know, right now there is no possible consolation that can move us away from the pain that we are feeling, but it was decided by the Lord and we must learn to understand His ways. Apart from that, we want to express you our eternal gratitude for being with us in these moments, helping us through these God awful times. The wait has been hard, because diseases like his bring a long ordeal. We hope the Lord gives him His blessing and hope that we are present in your prayers to move forward”.
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:: “It is difficult to express the grief that we are feeling after having lost two very important people for the family: our mother and grandmother. Within all these feelings we are comforted by all the support we have received, you are helping us to move forward and it is reassuring to see that we’re appreciated and liked by so much people. That is why we want to thank you for all the details you have had with us, hopefully the Lord will bless you always”.
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:: “All I can do is say thank you, I cannot articulate my thoughts with the pain I feel, but may the Lord give you His blessing for having been a part of this morning with us. We know she will be also be watching over us so we are well. Again, thanks for everything”.
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:: “To all of those who in one way or another have supported us and have been with us, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Let us all pray for our angel to be fine wherever he might be. We know the Lord will receive him with open hands and take good care of him”.
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:: “It is very rewarding to be surrounded by people who are joining us to say goodbye to a very special person who will now be watching over us. We are encouraged by all the support you have given us and we thank you for all that you have been doing for us that motivates us to move forward. We will be forever grateful and will continue to be so”.
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:: “Right now receiving comfort from our friends has meant the world to us and, despite the pain we are feeling is still among us, it is much appreciated and we can only hope that now he is with the Lord. Thanks again and please keep praying for him”.
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It is very important to be able to show that we are grateful, even if it is through a simple message that expresses what we feel. You’ll see that thanking your friends and family will help you feel better and to find a little peace and quiet. We will be constantly updating our website so do not forget to come and check our new content. Remember that all of our messages and advice is completely free and that you can share it. See you!

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caring phrases via facebook, condolences via facebook, gratitude messages via facebook, messages via facebook, support messages via facebook, positive phrases via facebook

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