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It is likely that sometimes we accidentally delete some important file on our hard drives and even from the trash can. There are even cases in which we are completely sure of deleting a file and lately we regret what we have done.

It is normal to think that the files are impossible to recover but, in reality, there are several programs to save them, such as Restoration software, which is a freeware utility for such activity, its mode of operation consists in analyzing the hard drive and search files to trace their direction and eventually recover them completely after the program asks for the destination to save the file. Its main feature is that it works so quickly when recovering files, which turn out to be pretty amazing and easy to use. You can download it to your own homepage, clicking

Another alternative is PC Inspector File Recovery, which is a program that can recover all types of deleted and lost files, also entire units; it has the option to repair damaged files and also to recover hidden files. This software supports file extensions such as: DOC, GIF, EXE, AVI, MP3, BMP, TAR, WAV, ZIP, TIF, JPG, PDF, etc.

Additionally, it offers a wizard that will serve as instructor step by step when working with the program and as an assistant to inform the function of each icon that is on the interface. It has support for NTFS file systems and FAT12, 16 or 31. It has the ability to retrieve files from their original date to the files that lack some of the headers files that have been completely erased, as the configuration file also recovered from other units that were connected by the LAN.

Their operation is to detect the composition of hard disk drives automatically, regardless of the boot sector is damaged, its interface is very intuitive, so it can be used without problems, then your search will list all files that can be recovered as well as those who are more difficult or are completely damaged and impede their recovery. You can find this software here:

Finally, there is a program called Handy Recovery, which is in charge of recovering and restoring files that were deleted from the hard drive, external drives like pen drives, floppy, etc. It works perfectly when the accident was caused by a drop or power failure, virus, program errors, or even when the partition of the units is running or at the time of formatting, it also works for files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin. After the inspection made by Handy Recovery, you will be able to see a list that looks like a process tree as the one shown in Windows Explorer’s interface.

Its search mode involves using the name or file mask and it provides a percentage chance to recover the deleted file.

This program is compatible with any Windows operating system version as 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista, the file system that supports the FAT 12/16/32, NTFS / NTFS 5 or flash memory card data and some encrypted on disk. To download, visit their official page It has operating interface for multiple languages, including English and Spanish.


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