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We are definitely living in difficult times, where it is increasingly difficult to build positive relationships with people and much of this is due to the lack of love there is among people, there is no longer the same commitment that there used to be, social relations have changed. Now it is even more important than before that people have a strong self-esteem that allows them to feel confident enough to plunge the challenges of the day. These days it’s more important money and material things, but unfortunately that’s something that not everyone has access to.

Within you is the ability to provide assistance and ensure that the course that the world is taking changes for good, we invite you to share messages that are useful to improve the self-esteem of people that need it the most, these messages will help them to give themselves the value they need and to keep going and live their lives to the fullest always.

Sample of useful messages to enrich self-esteem:

:: “The Lord has made you a priceless gift and you have to be thankful for it every day. He not only gave you your life, but He also filled you with unique characteristics that make you special. Take the opportunity to see all the wonders in you; I’m sure you will be amazed when you see how good you are. Allow yourself to find the way of God, because He loves us all and He brought us into this world to do good; you’ll see that with Him you can find happiness. Stop questioning so much, let His love fill everything and you will feel the magic only He has”.
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:: “I wish it was as easy for you as it is for me to find the perfection that represents your life. I’ve never met anyone like you, so amazing and so modest at the same time. The skills that you show are worthy of admiration and the things you do could easily be in books. Your life is beautiful and should be living it to the fullest, giving thanks every day to have it. You will discover how perfect you are the day that you really look at yourself and accept you for who you are”.
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:: “Avoid comparisons, since they never brought anything good. Try to rely on yourself for what you are, for envy will only bring you anxieties that are irrelevant. Give each inch of your body the value it deserves, enjoy the life that is flowing through your veins and dare to be awaken. We are all children God and for that alone we should be grateful and happy forever, in each of our chests the heart that He gave us is beating and it is wonderful, let’s not waste it being sad, we have many reasons for smiling and laughing”.
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:: “We might be going through stages in which we feel devalued or even that people reject us, no one is free of it. What is under our control is that we can avoid it to affect us strongly, because all those feelings are fleeting and today the people who is rejecting us will look for us tomorrow. Life is perfect and it always finds the perfect point of homeostasis, you just have to learn to wait and be glad while the waiting lasts. If you are patient big things are going to come your way. Leave the concerns and live your day with passion, because you never know when will be your last chance of living it to the fullest”.
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:: “Take a few minutes to be yourself and really look at you, realize how amazing you are and what you’re worth. You’re beautiful and you have the opportunity to give us all your life, which undoubtedly is a miracle. Let’s thank God for allowing us been here and experience everything that means being in touch with nature, interacting with others and enjoy. The ability to feel is infinite, let’s not waste it”.
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Sometimes with messages like that we can get to the heart of those who need it the most, to provide them a bit of the motivation they need. Some require a lot of support, so we are the ones who will bring it. Let’s give love and represent a positive change in the life of someone else, let’s open their eyes, let’s help them look and look at themselves. Come back anytime, for we will be preparing many more messages that will help you put a positive spin on your life and in the life of others. We are all unique and unrepeatable beings; let’s help those who do not know it yet.

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