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anniversary messages, anniversary phrases, anniversary thoughtsWonderful anniversary messages for my partner

Anniversaries are a moment filled with sentimental value for a couple.

Completing months or years in a relationship makes the couple feel very happy and excited because it shows that the relationship is doing very well and that there is genuine love between them. Are you about to celebrate an anniversary of love?

Then give something very special to your partner, you can go to a beautiful place for dinner or you can send beautiful loving words to them. Do you want to send a beautiful message to your partner for his birthday?

Up ahead we offer you a list of beautiful congratulations phrases for an anniversary of love, use these phrases through Whatsapp, twitter or Facebook and your partner will be very happy to receive them.

Free list of anniversary messages for my partner:

:: “Although we did not know each other very well, my heartbeat was for you, I felt I knew you for a long time, and today we meet another year as sweethearts and I am so excited of the love between us, I love you so much”.
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:: “Today we celebrate two months of love and I can say that they have been the most beautiful months of my life, I am extremely happy to celebrate an anniversary with you, you are the man I love the most in all the earth”.
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:: “Today is a wonderful day because we meet another year in a relationship, you are the love of my life, I have learned to know what love is because of you, I always have you in my heart”.
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:: “Next to you I live days in a wonderful way, every day is wonderful with you, it is very difficult to put into words what I feel now, but I know I love you because we both speak the language of love, and today is our anniversary; I know there will be many more years to come, I love you”.
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:: “The first time I saw myself in your eyes I was astonished at that moment and so I asked God in prayer to give love the opportunity to be born between us; since then, today we meet two years as a couple, but I know our love will last forever”.
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:: “More than twelve months ago we started this beautiful relationship of love, and each passing day our love grows stronger, creating a beautiful love story, but the last chapter can’t be ever written since our love will last forever, let’s be happy day to day”.
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:: “Today we meet one more anniversary of love, it is an opportune time for you to know how happy I am to be able to love you, your love completely changed my life and I knew happiness”.
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:: “We meet another month of love and the only thing I can say is that all this time with you has been great, our lives are quite similar and that’s why our love will be forever in our hearts, I love you in a unique way”.
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We know you liked these anniversary messages for lovers so you can dedicate them to your partner, we hope that the love between you lasts forever.

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