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Invitations are an essential part of a wedding’s planning. Thus, we cannot have them made without taking care of all details: according to its design and the content, our guests will know what kind of celebration we are having.

Celebrating a wedding is the most romantic event, and so invitations should not be so serious or formal, but they should rather include a phrase that reflects the feelings and emotions of the bride and the groom who are about to get married.

Next, we will give you some nice phrases that can be included in your wedding invitations. They are phrases that reflect the future spouses’ feelings and experiences prior to this big step:

Free samples of wedding invitations quotes :

:: Ever since we met, I knew this day would come. I must confess I did not think it would take so long. But we are happy God has put us together and blessed us. We are getting married and we want to share our happiness with you.
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:: We have been dreaming of this day for a long time. Now that it has finally come we feel really happy, excited and ecstatic. We are sure you will be too, that is why we want to invite you to take part of our union.
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:: I am sure she is the woman in my life and I never want to lose her, so I proposed and she accepted. She has made me the happiest man in the world and I promise to make her happy every day of my life.
Category :Wedding invitations wording

:: We thank God for letting us meet and fall in love. We want to start a life together, but with God’s blessing. Thus, we have decided to get married and love each other for the rest of our lives.
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:: Our love for each other has always been our dream. We want this love to last through time and we want to take care of it, so we have decided to take the next step. We want to celebrate our wedding next to our loved ones and we are pleased to know you will be there.
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:: Love took our sadness and troubles away and filled our emptiness. What we feel is so great that we cannot take it any longer and we decided to become husband and wife. We would like so much to count on you being present in our union before God.
Category :Wedding invitations wording

:: We thank you, Lord, for making our dream come true, because through adversity you made our immense love prevail. Now we know we have overcome all trials you sent our way and we want to celebrate our wedding before you.
Category :Wedding invitations wording

:: There is nothing more wonderful than true love. We live to love each other, so nothing pleases us more than seeing each other happy. We get married to start a new and wonderful stage together.
Category :Wedding invitations wording

:: Love makes miracles and the time has come for our miracle to finally come true. It was our destiny to be together, and nothing or nobody could change that. We are getting married!
Category :Wedding invitations wording

:: We feel very fortunate to announce you we are getting married! And we would love to have you in the wedding of the year that is our wedding.
Category :Wedding invitations wording

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cool wedding invitations quotes,wedding invitations quotes,wedding invitations text,wedding invitations wordings,wedding invitations messages,wedding invitations text messages

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