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love quotes for Whatsapp Happy anniversary greetings to celebrate your love

One of the most important moments in any relationship is when the couple reach its first year and express its feelings through romantic happy anniversary words.

To celebrate another year together represents that the relationship has been strengthened, that their love is more solid and that it is time to celebrate by dedicating beautiful anniversary messages.

Start this day with a cute detail by sending your boyfriend some wonderful love messages to celebrate your anniversary; you will see how happy he will be.

Best ‘I love you’ quotes for anniversary

:: “Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! Of all the love stories, ours came to this world to be eternal, the most beautiful of all. ”

:: “Some things may disappear over time, but the love we feel for each other is greater than ever. Let’s celebrate a Happy Anniversary! ”

:: “It is for you that I have discovered what love means, it is for you that I would move heaven and earth so that we are together forever. Happy Anniversary!”

:: “It is not necessary to travel around the world to discover that like you there is no one else. You are unique, you are the love of my life and today we are celebrating another year together. Congratulations!”

:: “Our souls promised to love each other before coming to this world, that is why we meet and for a year we have been dating. Happy Anniversary, my dear! ”Find best wedding anniversary wishes for messenger

Heartfelt happy anniversary messages with images

:: “Every time I say that I love you I don’t do it routinely, I do it because it is the feeling that lives in my heart and is now stronger than ever. I wish you a Happy Anniversary! ”

:: “This day brings me many beautiful memories that fill my heart with many illusions about what is to come. Today is our anniversary and I wish you thousands of congratulations! ”

:: “On our anniversary I want to say thank you for having come into my life and for all the love you give me. Congratulations darling! ”

:: “This year has passed very fast, but the amount of memories it has left us is incredible and I am excited to think of everything that will come. Let’s celebrate a beautiful anniversary! ”

:: “When your gaze met mine, the flame of love lit up in our hearts to never go out and today we are celebrating one year of love. Congratulations, king of my heart! ”

Find most tender love messages for anniversary

:: “Today we close a chapter of our romantic history to begin another full of much more love and happiness. Thank you my love, Happy Anniversary! ”

:: “A year ago when you whispered” I love you ”you didn’t do it in my ear but directly to my heart. I really adore you with all my strength and wish you a Happy Anniversary. ”

:: “Our love celebrates another year and with great joy I realize that it is bigger than ever and that we will forever be happy. I wish you a nice anniversary! ”

:: “A year has passed, but I don’t stop falling in love anymore, nor discovering more things that I love about you. With all my love I wish you a Happy Anniversary! ”

:: “It is time to forget our sorrows and celebrate our joys, today is our anniversary and our love deserves that we celebrate it in a big way. Congratulations!”Download happy anniversary greetings for boyfriend

What to write in an anniversary card to girlfriend

:: “That day, when you confessed your love for me, my heart was filled with joy because I loved you too and now after a year we are very happy. Have a wonderful anniversary!”

:: “Your love and your existence in this world makes everything make sense, it gives me plenty of reasons to live and fight for a beautiful tomorrow. Happy Anniversary!”

:: “My broken heart was born again with your love and now throbs of happiness. My love, on our anniversary I want to say thank you and wish you all the happiness in the world. ”

:: “A year after we started our relationship, I can tell you that I will love you for all my life, you are my reason to smile. Congratulations on our anniversary! ”

:: “If I have the opportunity to choose you, once again, I would do it without even doubting it because you are the most wonderful man in the whole world. Happy Anniversary!”

This day deserves to be celebrated, so start with some romantic happy anniversary words and continue with a nice gift, a romantic dinner or any other detail that comes out of your heart. We wait for you when you want to dedicate more beautiful love phrases to your boyfriend.Happy anniversary quotes,wishes & messages with images

Sweet and cute things to say
to your girlfriend for anniversary

Surely during this last year you have lived unforgettable moments next to your boyfriend, so you look forward to this day and thus be able to share beautiful anniversary dedications with him.

Express your deepest feelings, congratulate your better half and thank him for all the love he gives you, through original anniversary messages.

With the beautiful happy anniversary phrases for your boyfriend that you will soon find you can have a nice surprise with the man you love so much and start the celebration of this special day.

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’ anniversary

:: “What a beautiful feeling it is to wake up this morning and realize that our love is celebrating another year. My love, I wish you many congratulations and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

:: “Thank you for giving me the happiest year of my whole life, thank you for your pure and sincere love. Happy Anniversary, my blue prince! ”

:: “Destiny always wanted to unite our paths so, in our hearts a love without limits was born and now we are celebrating a year of our relationship. Happy Anniversary, my heaven! ”

:: “May the happiness that fills our hearts on this day be repeated every year for the rest of our lives. I congratulate you on our anniversary, love of my life! ”

:: “In you I have been able to find someone to trust, a great friend and my partner in the way of life. You are my great love and I congratulate you on our anniversary! ”Best sweet love anniversary wishes

Download best anniversary wishes for couples

:: “Our love has passed a great test, now it is celebrating its first year and you and I are going to celebrate it with much joy. Happy Anniversary, my great and only love! ”

:: “Now we are celebrating a year of dating and I can realize that I really did not know anything about love, with you I have learned all about it. Congratulations, my heart! ”

:: “Enjoying life by your side is the greatest experience in this world, so today I want to say thank you and I promise that I will be with you forever. Happy Anniversary!”

:: “Your name means many things to me like love, happiness, hope and security. I love you more every day and today I wish you a Happy Anniversary. ”

:: “At first my love for you was growing little by little, but now it grows by leaps and bounds and now that we are celebrating our first anniversary I want to say thank you. Congratulations!”

Romantic anniversary phrases that melt hearts

:: “It seems to me that it was yesterday when we started this love story, but we are already celebrating one year and it has been incredible. I love you more each day!”

:: “With you I could learn that with the force of love we can achieve everything and that nothing and no one will prevent us from staying together. Happy Anniversary, my king! ”

:: “This love that I feel for you has not only put you in the first place of my heart, but also in the first place of my thoughts. I wish you a Happy Anniversary! ”

:: “When you are by my side I feel complete, your love is all I need to be assured of happiness in my life. I send you a huge kiss on our anniversary! ”

:: “One of the things I enjoy most is thinking about you and remembering all those beautiful moments that we have shared together this year. Happy Anniversary, baby!! ”Find anniversary love pretty phrases download

Cute,romantic & long Love anniversary messages for Him

:: “For some a year may seem little, but for us it is proof that this love is made to last. Let’s celebrate a Happy Anniversary! ”

:: “Our story was love at first sight and exactly one year ago with a kiss we sealed the beginning of this beautiful relationship. Congratulations, my prince! ”

:: “Having accepted your proposal was a momentous decision that changed my life for good and that made me feel the happiest woman in the world. Let’s celebrate with joy this day! ”

:: “You are the man of my dreams, even much better because you are everything I need to be happy. I wish you a beautiful anniversary! ”

:: “Nothing excites me more in this world than enjoying your love, that’s why I want this day to be very special for both of us. Congratulations on our anniversary! ”

This will be an unforgettable day for both, you and your boyfriend and he will remember forever the sweet happy anniversary words that you dedicate with all your heart.

Continue to awaken love in the heart of your better half by sending him beautiful love phrases to dedicate.Anniversary phrases & wordings

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