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If you want to tell a guy that you feel attracted to him and that by his side you have beautiful moments together, you just have to let the correct words come out from your heart.

If love makes you be very distracted and cannot concentrate, then it will not be easy for you to say what you feel. If you want to let him know your feelings, but cannot find the appropriate way to do it, then do not worry.

In this article we present you with a list of examples of romantic phrases for the one you like. Use these messages as a guide to write a phrase to the guy you feel attracted to and let him know how you feel.

Free list of beautiful love messages for your boyfriend:

:: “You have become someone very important to me, I need to see you every day to feel good, you have that special way of showing me your love which makes me feel very special and gives me reasons to smile, I am so in love with you”.
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:: “From the very first moment our eyes met, we both felt the arrow of love and when we kissed for the first time it was like our souls were merged. You are the sole owner of my heart and that is why I love you with all my strength”.
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:: “I settle with being with you at least for a few hours every day because your love makes me feel extremely happy, you are the only one who allows me to see life with optimism and feel that this world is very beautiful, thank you for all your love”.
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:: “Our relationship started as a beautiful friendship and now it has become a beautiful romance. I thank fate for having allowed me to meet you, my life with you makes sense and I want us to always be together because I love you so much”.
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:: “Sometimes I thought that the man of my dreams would never come to my life, but just then you came into my life to show me that the wait was worth it. I feel extremely happy by your side and there is nothing that compares to one of your kisses”.
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:: “You have been able to awaken that beautiful feeling inside my heart, you have made me realize what true love is and I feel very lucky to have you in my life. Beside you I live the most beautiful moments, and so for that I love you very much”.
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:: “Since I fell for you, I see hearts everywhere, every time you kiss me I feel like as if my chest is going to explode because my heart starts beating very strong, you are the guy I always dreamed of and with you I feel complete”.
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:: “I have eyes only for you because you are the most important person in my life, it is a privilege to love and be the owner of your heart. I love you and I always will”.
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We are confident that you have liked at least one of these romantic phrases for the guy you like. Dedicate them to this special guy and he will feel lucky to have your love.

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