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Cute Mother’s Day texts
for Facebook

Happy Happy Mother's Day Quotes.#MothersDayMessages
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The celebration of one of the most awaited days of the year will start soon and the first thing you should do to give a nice surprise to your Mom and prepare her to live an unforgettable day is to dedicate her tender Mother’s Day texts for Facebook.

Once you have discovered your deepest feelings, it will be time to translate them into a cute Mother’s Day phrase for Facebook as you will find in this opportunity. We hope that both you and your Mom find these words very beautiful.Mother's Day card messages & quotes.#MothersDayGreetings

How do you wish your Mom
a Happy Mother’s Day?

:: “Your heart is a spring from which you pour the purest love. With all the love I feel for you, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Today is Mother’s Day and I think it’s the perfect opportunity to tell you again how much I love you and wish you immense happiness”.

:: “The deep love you feel for my brothers and for me is the most beautiful gift that God could have given us. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!”.

:: “You are the owner of a huge heart in which there is only space for the noblest feelings. I wish you a very special Mother’s Day”.find awesome Mother's Day words for Whatsapp.#MothersDayTexts

Short Mother’s Day messages
for Facebook

:: “You deserve all the best on this Mother’s Day and in the rest of the year also for being a loving Mom, dedicated and committed to the welfare of each of your children. Congratulations!”.

:: “I know your story; I know that life was never easy for you, but in spite of that you have always strived to give us the best. Happy Mother’s Day!”.

:: “You have always been a good Mom and even in the most tense moments of my life you know how to transmit calmness to me. I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Now that I have formed my home, I feel that I fully understand you and you have no idea how much I have learned to value everything you did for me. Happy Mother’s Day!”.Happy Mother's Day, honey sweet phrases.#MothersDayLovePhrases

Get best rated Mother’s Day
love messages

:: “Dear Mom, I just dropped by your wall to leave you this text because, although I will see you in person, I did not want to miss the opportunity to leave you a few nice words to congratulate you on your special day and wish you the best. Happy Mother’s Day!”.

:: “No one could replace my Mother, she is the one who always shows me how beautiful life is; Mom I love you so much and I hope you have a happy day”.

:: “The only person who always give me everything for nothing is my Mother and that makes me very happy and proud, happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “In this day special day I want to send a big hug and a big kiss to all Mothers in the world, especially to my Mother for all kindness and understanding, I hope you have a happy day”.

:: “You were always attentive to everything that happened to me, although sometimes I tried to hide it from you. Mommy, I love you very much and I wish you a nice Mother’s Day”.Happy Mother's Day messages for WhatsApp.#MothersDayLovePhrases

Find awesome Mother’s Day
Whatsapp texts

:: “I admire all the efforts you make to take care of our little ones and still have time for me and keep our home and our lives in order. Congratulations!”.

:: “I feel so much joy to know that my Mother is alive and that I can always rely on her support and good advice, happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “With all my heart I hope that in this day peculiar day you can celebrate together a Mother and son day around the world”.

:: “All children who are proud to have a Mother who is also their father give it a” like”, and I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all those brave Mothers out there”.

:: “My Mother is and will always be inside me, I will never cease to thank all her love and all that she taught me, so I am a good person, happy Mother’s Day”.How do you wish someone a Happy Mother's Day?.#HappyMothersDay

Happy Mother’s Day phrases

:: “Dear Mom : I want to thank you for all you ever did for me without asking anything in return… I love you so much ! May you and the rest of Mothers have a happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “The day God decides to send me children, may He also bless me with 10% of the goodness he gave my Mother, as this way my children will be good children, happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “There is no Mother like mine because she has showed me that although there are many difficulties in life, with love anything can be accomplished, Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers who do not rest for a single moment of their lives to selflessly fulfill their role as Mothers”.

:: “I have the great pleasure of being the daughter of a woman who never fails to make sacrifices to give me a good example; I love you with all my heart, Happy Mother’s Day”.Sweet phrases I love you my heaven.#MothersDayLoveWishes

Mother’s Day, love messages
for wife

:: “Your tenderness conquers me and makes me fall in love every day. Happy Mother’s Day, I adore you. Xoxo!”.

:: “Wishing you an unforgettable Mother’s Day, my beloved wife. You mean absolutely everything to me, and your happiness is mine”.

:: “You have opened up my heart and allowed me to see that true love is everything and that you are that to me. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “If there is a dreamland, I can surely say I live in it, because you make life so full of bliss. Happy Mother’s Day, my beloved wife”.

:: “The sweetness of your love is incomparable, both as a wife and as a Mother, that is why today we celebrate your day with great joy. Congratulations, my Queen!”.Find best lovely Mother's Day text messages.#MothersDayWishesForCards

Inspirational Mother’s Day greetings
for Facebook

:: “Mothers are extraordinary human beings, so today they deserve a great tribute and the rest of the year we should also recognized their strength. I hope you have an extraordinary day and that God grants you many blessings”.

:: “I wish all the best to all Mothers on their special day, especially mine because she is a wonderful woman to whom I owe my life and everything I am. Thank you for the love you give me, it has no comparison”.

:: “Mothers are not only responsible for giving life, they also teach, protect, care for and give the best of themselves to their children so that they never lack anything. I admire you all very much and I wish you all the very best with all my love on this Mother’s Day”.

:: “On this special day I greet all women who have had the privilege of bringing a child into this world and to those who without having had a child in their womb, care about them with lots of love and tenderness”.

:: “It is unquestionable that there is no love as pure and beautiful like the love of a Mother and one day a year is not enough to celebrate them. I wish you the best and I hope you feel as important as you are the 365 days of the year”.

We are sure that you will get many likes when you update your Facebook status with these cute texts that we offer you on the lines above.Happy Mom’s Day best Messenger greetings .#MothersDayWordings

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