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When a relationship begins, the couple starts a process in which they get to know each other more and more and start making plans about the direction they will take. The love between them will be tested many times but with each test it overcomes, their love will be stronger and they will be ready for bigger things.

If you realize that your relationship with your boyfriend has entered a new phase in which both of you know you will be together for a long time, and then you can let your partner know that with an original phrase.

In this article we bring you a list of phrases that you can send by SMS or Whatsapp and you will see that he will be very pleased to see that your love is true and that it will last forever.

Free list of long lasting relationship phrases:

:: “The many years we have been together have shown me that you really love me, I am very lucky to have met you and to be your bride, I will never stop loving you because you are a very special man. I love you my life”.
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:: “Life allowed us to meet to crazily love each other; I’m so in love with you as from the first day. You are the best thing that I have, never change my love because I love you just as you are”.
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:: “When we started dating, people tried to separate us, but our love is so strong that we managed to overcome all the challenges we had. Thanks for making me feel like a princess every day”.
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:: “The best thing that has happened to me in recent years was meeting you, every time I find more reasons for not wanting to ever leave you. I had no idea I could be so happy in this life, you are the engine of my existence. I love you with all my heart my love”.
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:: “I got to think that love was just a fantasy of children’s stories, but when you came into my life you showed me that that beautiful feeling exists. You made me believe in love and today, six years later I can tell you that I love you more than ever. I only found happiness with you”.
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:: “One of my biggest dreams is to give a step further in our relationship and live together; I would wake up every day and look at your beautiful face. Because of you I am able to put aside everything for you are the reason for my life”.
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:: “I want to spend the rest of my days with you, our love is not a simple crush, our love is true love”.
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:: “Every time I spend time by your side I have a great time, but when you leave my side I stay sad. You are the one who fills my days with joy so I and could not live without you”.
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:: “Before I met you I thought I was happy, but when you came to me I found out I was wrong. Happiness is that feeling of peace and joy that only you give me. I love you as I never thought I could love”.
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We hope you have liked some of these phrases for long lasting relationships. When your partner receives these loving words he will feel blessed by your beautiful love story.

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