Excellent Phrases For A Daughter’s Wedding

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Having a daughter is a very special experience, at some point in her life she will have a family of her own and will become a mother. The relationship between a father and his daughter is very special since daughters naturally feel a special affection for their fathers.

When daughters are small, they see in their dad an exemplary man and role model, and fathers looks at their daughters and see in them their little princesses. When the day of the marriage arrives, many feelings converge in the mind and heart of the father.

On the one hand the memories he has of his daughter since she was a baby invades them, and on the other hand a great joy takes them over to see their daughter forming a bond with the man that is the love of her life. In this article we bring you a list of beautiful thoughts you can express to your daughter on her wedding day.

Free list of phrases for a daughter’s wedding:

– “My little daughter, I am very happy because today one of your most noble desires will come true. You will join in holy matrimony with the man that loves you and I hope you will be very happy. “
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– “Sometimes I imagined how I would feel on this day. It is a great feeling that fills my heart. I wish you much happiness in your future home and that you two may always be united.”
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– “Today you will unite your life with the man who won your heart, you are all grown up now but remember I will always be there for my little princess whenever you require my help. Congratulations on your wedding.”
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– “You look radiant dressed all in white; you are my little daughter who is taking a huge step today. I am very happy because I know you always dreamed of this day. I will take my daughter proudly to the altar. May the two of you be very happy. “
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– “Seeing you with your wedding gown really touched me. You have entered the path of married women and I know it has been the best decision of all because the two of you are in love and respect each other. I wish you nothing but the best in the new family you are now forming.”
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– “I feel like as if you had recently come into our lives, now you are leaving with your husband because that is how life is my dear, but you will always be my princess. I wish you happiness and prosperity in your home. “
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– “You look very beautiful dear daughter; your beauty is not only exterior but also interior so your husband fell in love with you. Be very happy together and be united at all times. “
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– “I wish you much happiness in this new phase of your lives. I feel a bit sad because you are already grown up and are a woman now, but I also feel very happy as you always dreamed about this big day. Congratulations on your wedding.”
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– “The dream of every father is to see their children move ahead with their lives, so that is why I am so happy today, as my daughter will join the love of her life to be companions forever.”
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– “I have a hard time understanding that you are no longer my little princess and that you will leave the house to form your own family very soon. But I also feel happy because you will seal your love before God’s laws. Congratulations to both. “
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We hope you liked these greetings of a father on his daughter’s wedding.

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