Best Love Statuses For Facebook

love messages,love wordings,love smsLove Statuses for Facebook:

People look for love naturally. It makes us happy when a boy or a girl loves us. That fills our days with hope, lights our darkest days and gives us a reason to live.

When we are in love our feelings are stronger and happier. it is nice to share our love and it is priceless to be loved in return. Facebook is a social network that is used by most couples to stay in touch and to send each other love messages in chat or on walls.

Some prefer to write on their statuses that they are living a great love and want everybody to know. Are you looking for some suggestions about what to write on your status bar to express your feelings for your love?

Here is a list of love statuses for Facebook. Your loved one will know how you feel.

Free samples of love statuses for Facebook:

– “I only know that you captured me at first sight. Everything changed in my life. All my feelings chained me to you and I am very happy for that.”
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– “Being awake and feeling what I am feeling is like daydreaming. You exist and we are together. We are a couple forever.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “When I look at your face it is like looking at a heavenly being. I love you with all my heart and passion. All that I live with you will be priceless.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “My life only started when I met you. Ever since we are together I have discovered many beautiful things about life. You are my owner forever.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “I give you my heart so can make it yours. Take care of it and protect it very much. My commitment is to make everything I can so we are together forever.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “I remain connected to you because I only think of you. All the world must know how far I can go for your love.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “When I look at your picture I admire your beauty. But you are even more beautiful inside, and I fell in love with that, and I will always be.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “Before I met you I used to hate summers and sunny days, as well as winters and cold days. Ever since we are together, sun takes me to the beach with you and cold makes me hug you to keep warm. I love you very much.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “I used to think love did not exist. When I met you I was speechless and I think you will be my owner until my last day.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “I was planning to manage everything in my life. When I met you, you became my manager, and now you own me forever.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

– “Let us protect what unites us. I hope it is eternal. That is love.”
Category :Love statuses for facebook

We hope you like these love statuses for Facebook. Sharing your love with the world is a sign of how honest and real it is.

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