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Some days things work out as you want them to: you casually meet a longtime friend, you get a promotion at work, you get good grades and love comes into your life.

Any of the above reasons might make you think you have an almost ideal life and you are fortunate. Because of these situations we will be in a certain mood on that day.

Many people like to share on Facebook these kinds of situations where they can say they are having a perfect time. Do you want to share with your friends on your Facebook status bar how you are currently feeling?

If that is the case, this article will help you do that. Here are some nice statuses for Facebook.

Choose one of them to put it on your Facebook, and when you share your happy status, one of your friends will be glad and will want to use them too.

Free samples of nice statuses for Facebook:

– “Stress and work can tire us out on some days. That is why I choose to disconnect from everything on my break and I try to be happy, as I am now.”
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– “Personal happiness comes when we make everybody around us happy.”
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– “I am young and can only remember my happiest time was when I kissed you. I know I will never forget it, because I am very happy when I remember it.”
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– “How nice it is to look at your face. I am in love with your beautiful smile.”
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– “Everything that happened to me hardened my heart and it sometimes runs out of control. But when I see you everything changes in me. You are the most beautiful person of all.”
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– “Our love makes me do things that might be impossible, and if you need me to disappear in order for you to be happy, I will.”
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– “I may have a bad day, but when I remember you exist, it turns into the most beautiful day of all.”
Category :Nice statuses for Facebook

– “You can make me stop concentrating on my work just by thinking of how beautiful it is to love you. Thank you for being part of my life.”
Category :Nice statuses for Facebook

– “The best thing I learned out of sharing everything with you all this time is knowing how beautiful it is to have your understanding and support.”
Category :Nice statuses for Facebook

– “I feel this is the most beautiful time of my life when I see everything I have makes me happy, and it is all because of your love.”
Category :Nice statuses for Facebook

– “The most beautiful instant in my life was when I decided to be with you, but the most extraordinary day of all was when we casually met.”
Category :Nice statuses for Facebook

– “It has been a long time since I stopped loving anybody. I had forgotten how beautiful it is to love someone.”
Category :Nice statuses for Facebook

– “What comes out of the heart is authentic and true, and it is even more so if I declare my love for you is real. I am in love with your beautiful smile and your nice personality.”
Category :Nice statuses for Facebook

We hope you like these nice statuses for Facebook. Bear in mind that love is the most beautiful thing in life.

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